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Information on Fees

The vast majority of personal injury claims made through Jefferies Solicitors are operated on a no win no fee basis. However, there are a number of alternative methods of funding your claim, including:

  • Funding your claim privately
  • Using legal expenses insurance
  • Using your trade union membership
  • Entering into a damages-based agreement

No win, no fee (conditional fee agreement)

No win, no fee means just that – you only pay your solicitor’s fees if you win your claim, in which case they will be awarded a percentage of your compensation. If you do not win your claim, you do not have to pay a penny. This means you can make your claim without worrying about taking on any financial risk. If your claim is unsuccessful, you don’t lose anything*. No win no fee arrangements are also known as conditional fee agreements (CFAs).

* There are some exceptions to this rule where a Court decides the claim is fraudulent or finds that you have been dishonest.

Funding your claim privately

If you choose to fund your claim privately, we would charge you our basic charges and disbursements only, in accordance with our hourly rates. We would bill you for all work done on a quarterly basis along with any disbursements incurred. At the conclusion of your claim, we would seek to recover for you as much of our basic charges and disbursements as possible from the other side.

Legal expenses insurance

If you have legal expenses insurance, included in your motor or home insurance policy, this could cover the cost of you making a personal injury claim. If you choose to utilise your legal expenses insurance and your insurer agrees to cover you, you would be entitled to an indemnity from your legal expenses insurer for our fees up to the amount of cover that you have.

At the outset of your claim, we would investigate the suitability of your legal expenses insurance and your level of cover, should you wish to consider this option, and there would be a charge for us doing so. It is most unlikely that your policy will cover all of our fees in any event, although we would not know for sure unless you ask us to investigate this. Any shortfall would remain your responsibility, win or lose.

Entering into a damages-based agreement

In some cases where there is no third-party insurer to claim against, such as Criminal Injuries claims or road traffic cases involving an uninsured driver, we can offer a damages-based agreement (sometimes referred to as a contingency fee agreement). If you enter a damages-based agreement with us, our fees are a percentage of the compensation recovered net of payments received from your opponents. Our fee is a fixed percentage and is not dependent on the amount of work we do.

Legal aid

While legal aid is no longer available for most personal injury claims, in some types of birth injury cases, it can be accessed in order to fund a claim. At Jefferies, however, we do not take on legal aid cases.

Trade Union membership

If you are a member of a Trade Union and you have had an accident at work, sometimes your Union will be able to appoint a solicitor for you, but you are likely to lose your right to choose your own solicitor. You would then have to discuss with those solicitors how they would seek to charge you for their fees and the extent to which you might be entitled to an indemnity.

If you have any questions about the options available to you, please do not hesitate to get in touch. Contact us on 0800 342 3206 to speak to a member of our team.