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    Achilles Tendon Injury Compensation

    Have you experienced an Achilles tendon injury that wasn’t your fault? If so, you could be eligible to claim compensation. Our expert team of solicitors can help you retrieve compensation for the pain and any financial losses you may have suffered. Simply pick up the phone and call 0800 342 3206, or contact us online for a no-obligation free consultation. Talk to us about achilles tendon injury compensation, we are here to help you.


    What is an Achilles Tendon Injury?

    The Achilles tendon connects the calf muscle to the heel bone and is found just above the heel of your foot. It is susceptible to damage by an injury to the ankle. Sporting activities are a very common cause of Achilles tendon injuries, but they can also occur at work or in a public location. The pain associated with a torn or strained tendon can be severe.

    The Achilles tendon is a crucial part of the body which allows the feet and knees to move. If it becomes impaired it can seriously impact a person’s quality of life; it can affect your mobility by stopping you from walking and running effectively. This can impact you at work and in everyday life.

    If you have sustained an Achilles tendon injury within the last three years and you believe it was someone else’s fault, then our specialist solicitors may be able to help.

    Causes of Achilles tendon injuries

    Musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) which impact the muscles and tendons in the ankle can arise from Achilles tendon injuries. Damage to an Achilles tendon is commonly inflicted when the foot is suddenly bent upwards, downwards or outside its normal range. Direct trauma or a twisted ankle can also cause injury.

    A complete or partial rupture of the tendon, i.e. a break or a tear, is generally considered the most serious and common form of Achilles tendon compensation claim.

    There are various scenarios in which injury to the Achilles tendon can happen. Some examples may include:

    • Road traffic accidents
    • Sports-related injuries
    • Slipping on wet floors/ice
    • Tripping on uneven surfaces (e.g. pavements)
    • Direct Trauma
    • Negligent surgery
    • Something falling onto the back of the ankle (e.g. an object falling at work or public place)

    Failure to diagnose an Achilles tendon injury

    An Achilles tendon injury that is incorrectly diagnosed by a medical professional may also be grounds for a potential claim. A doctor may determine, for example, that you have simply suffered a sprain if insufficient tests are carried out.

    The consequences of failing to correctly treat an Achilles tendon injury could involve pain and suffering that could have been avoided. It is also more likely that the tendon may re-rupture in the future, which could also lead to a claim for compensation.


    How much compensation could I be entitled to?

    The damage inflicted on an Achilles tendon can cause extreme discomfort and take a while to recover. Loss of earnings can be incurred as a result of an individual not being able to work. A claim can be made for compensation if negligence can be proven. The compensation for your injury could also encompass further payments to help with other costs, such as hospital bills, travel expenses and rehabilitation.

    Achilles tendon injury compensation varies and will depend on a few factors:

    • The length of time it has taken you to recover
    • The extent to which the injury has restricted your movement
    • How the injury has impacted your lifestyle, e.g. if you have been unable to exercise or play sport
    • The degree of any long-term pain or discomfort
    • The extent of any disfigurement

    The level of payout can differ depending on these factors but usually, compensation for this type of injury falls in the range of £5,800 for minor injuries and £30,630 for the most serious injuries.


    How can I make a claim?

    You could be entitled to compensation if negligence can be proven. We recommend that you get in touch with a specialist solicitor who has experience handling claims for the Achilles tendon injury.

    Jefferies Solicitors has an expert team of no win no fee specialists who have a range of experience in all types of ankle and foot injuries.

    Claims can be issued for both past and future losses on behalf of our clients. When working on your case we will take a whole host of factors into account. These include your pain and suffering, loss of earnings, and any requirements you may have for special support.

    Contact our solicitors today to start your claim

    Our lawyers understand the intricate circumstances that can arise when pursuing a claim – especially whilst dealing with the physical or emotional stress of such an injury. As such, we will ensure that you are closely guided through the legal process in a quick and simple manner to get you the result you deserve.

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