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Back Injury Compensation Calculator

Find out how much compensation you could receive following a back injury by using our back injury compensation calculator.

Types of back injury

Back injuries can occur following a range of different accidents, including road traffic accidents, accidents at work and medical negligence. Some of the most common types of back injury are outlined below.

Slipped discs

Slipped or herniated discs usually occur in the lower back and can be very painful. They can sometimes be caused by lifting heavy objects.

Fractured vertebrae

Vertebrae become injured with one bone in the spine is compressed against another bone, inching or damaging the spinal nerves or spinal cord. This type of injury often occurs following high-impact accidents such as an accident on the road or a fall from height.

Soft tissue injury

Soft tissue injury is caused by strain to muscles, tendons or ligaments in the lower or middle back.

How much compensation could I claim for my back injury?

A back injury claim will typically be made up of:

  • Pain, suffering and loss of amenity (based on the severity of your injury and its prognosis)
  • Financial loss and/or expenses (e.g. if you have had to have time off work and lost earning or have incurred medical expenses or prescription costs)

Our compensation calculator provides an idea of how much you may receive for your injury only. If you’ve experienced other losses as a result of your back injury or accident, you may be able to claim for these as well. Your solicitor will calculate this figure separately after valuing your injury.

Type of back injury

Potential compensation

Severe spinal cord and nerve root damage where a patient has experienced extreme pain, disability and incomplete paralysis. Other side effects may include dysfunction of the bowel or bladder £72,620 – £128,320
Cases which are not as serious as the above, yet have certain features which make them not applicable to lower brackets. Injuries resulting in nerve root damage, loss of sensation, lack of mobility and reduced function of the bowel and bladder. £59,120 – £70,490
Disc lesions or fractured discs leading to severe pain and lack of mobility. £30,910 – £55,590
Moderate back injury resulting from compression or crushing injuries with the possibility of osteoarthritis. £22,130 – £30,910
A moderate back injury such as ligament and muscle damage, including prolapsed discs or soft tissue injuries that require surgery or spinal fusion. £9,970 – £22,130
Minor back injuries involving a strain, muscle injury or prolapsed disc with pain lasting 2-5 years that do not require surgery. £6,290 – £9,970
Back injuries where there is a probability of a full recovery without the need for surgery within two days of sustaining the injury. £1,950 – £6,290
Minor back injuries with a short recovery period Up to £1,950

Claiming compensation for a back injury

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