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Fractured Skull Compensation Calculator

The figures below will give you an idea of how much you could potentially claim for a fractured skull. However, you should speak to a specialist solicitor for a more accurate idea of the value of your claim.

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Skull fractures can be caused in a variety of ways. You or a family member could suffer an injury as a result of a range of different accidents. These include an RTA (road traffic accident), an incident at work, a slip, trip or fall into a solid object, when taking part in sporting activities or if you have been the victim of an assault or another violent crime.

Some of the main types of fractured skull injury include:

  • Basilar – This type of fracture is caused by a severe head impact and involves a fracture to the base of the skull. It is often considered to be the most serious type of fractured skull because it can cause brain and spinal cord damage. Basilar fractures are often seen in motorbike accidents or other road traffic accident claims.
  • Linear –Linear fractures usually appear in the skull as a line and often don’t result in any bone displacement. Unless an infection occurs, they usually heal well without the need for surgery.
  • Depressed – This type of fractured skull injury occurs when part of the skull bone presses inwards and onto the brain. In some cases, this can result in serious brain injury. Depressed skull fractures usually require surgery to prevent more damage and to repair the skull.
  • Diastatic – These fractures occur along particular areas of the skull, called suture lines, which are present to allow the brain to grow as the human body does. Diastatic fractures are more common in young children and babies.


If you wish to make a fractured skull compensation claim, you should contact an experienced personal injury solicitor. The amount of compensation you could receive will depend on the severity of the injury itself and how long-lasting the negative impact on your health. If the fractured skull injury results in a moderate or severe brain injury, the potential claim amount could be significantly increased.

This will be determined by the result of medical reports prepared by a medical expert.

The information below provides a guide to the approximate amount of compensation you may receive for your injury and its lasting effects. In addition to claiming for your physical condition, you may also be able to claim for any financial loss sustained as a result of the incident.


Skull Fractures

Severe £10,000 – £95,000
Moderate £2,500– £10,000
Minor £1,000 – £2,500

The figures are for a skull fracture injury claim only. Compensation for other losses, like loss of earnings, can be claimed for separately.

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