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A Brief History of The Motorbike Helmet – Infographic

Riding a motorcycle is an exhilarating experience and something that thousands upon thousands of people across the UK love to do on a daily basis. Unfortunately, however, there are hundreds of motorcycle accident fatalities on our roads each and every year, with thousands of others seriously injured. However, many serious head injuries could be avoided if riders and their passengers simply put on a helmet. Here at Jefferies Solicitors, we know just how important helmets are when it comes to riding a motorcycle, as studies show that riders have a 29% chance of surviving a crash if they are involved in an accident. So in aid of promoting motorbike safety, we’ve put together this fun infographic highlighting the life of the motorcycle helmet. From its inception to the stats on how many lives it could save, you’ll be surprised just how important a crash helmet has been in the world of cycling and motorcycle sports. Read on:

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Published on 27th May 2015.