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Accident Claims Research Doesn’t Support New EU Directive

In-depth research carried out by insurance company Diamond has revealed that men and women have characteristically different types of accidents.

Based on 400,000 claims over 5 years the study indicated that women are more likely to have low impact accidents while male drivers are predominantly involved in serious collisions which ultimately cost more.

Bumps involving stationary vehicles, for example, reversing into a car or having a collision in a car park, were dominated by female drivers. Statistically, male drivers are more likely to knock into a pedestrian on the pavement and are even more prone to having their car damaged or stolen.

The evidence supports the previous rules where women drivers paid less on their insurance premiums. However, this new data has no influence on the new EU directive which last month saw the enforcement of gender-neutral insurance claims.

The new rules mean that insurers are no longer able to base insurance quotations on an individual’s gender.

Diamond Managing Director, Dave Halliday said: “It’s a month since the EU Gender Directive came in and our research clearly shows there are differences between men and women.”

On the whole car insurance premiums have fallen in the last year but for young women drivers, there has been a marked increase. Previous to the new rules, females were given cheaper insurance because of the low risk of accidents according to statistics.

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Published 11th February 2015.