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Bittersweet Compensation For Brain Injury Victim

A man who suffered a devastating hospital blunder following a cycling accident has been awarded one of the highest settlement figures of its kind.

The former businessman was awarded £2.35m by the High Court after a hospital error left him unable to feed himself, walk or barely communicate.

The man acquired a brain injury whilst taking part in the London to Brighton bike ride in 2007. He was taken immediately to a hospital in Brighton. The injury was believed to have been minor and the man was later transferred to Charing Cross Hospital in London.

There, he was given blood thinning tablets which are believed to have caused the massive brain haemorrhage that would leave him severely brain-damaged and in need of round-the-clock care.

In sickness and in health

The man married in 2001 and he and his wife enjoyed a happy and comfortable lifestyle together before the accident. Since the brain damage, his wife and a team of carers have been looking after her husband 24 hours a day.

Although the man’s wife says she is relieved that it’s all over she also says that the compensation victory is ‘hollow’ and that no amount of money can ‘repair’ or ‘replace’ her husband.

The Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust admitted liability for the accident and has apologised for the care given to the man. It will also be paying £300,000 per annum towards the man’s 24-hour care.

Looking towards the future

The man’s wife explained that she is still hopeful for the future. She hopes that they will be moving to a new home in Guildford with a hydrotherapy pool in it. She also hopes she and her husband will travel to France on holiday.

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Published 11th February 2015.