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Temporary Workers Personal injury claims-As A Result of Lack of Training

When lockdown came into force, many industries ground to a halt and those that could have adjusted to the new normal of remote working. Then there have been the well-documented businesses who have had to carry on supporting the country through the toughest of times; supermarket workers, delivery drivers and emergency services to name just a few of the key workers.

temporary workers are essential

The industries that had to continue in the new climate, found that not every job could be carried out via remote working and that demand was far outstripping the capacity of existing human resources. To allow operations to continue and meet the demand for the supply of services and goods many industries have relied heavily on the supply of temporary workers. This has seen many businesses make huge investments in the recruitment of temporary staff, for example at the peak of the virus Tesco hired 45,000 temporary staff and Amazon hired 175,000 temporary staff.

Manual handling, PPE and use of Equipment

Amid juggling high demand and labour supply, there is the chance that some businesses have provided inadequate training to temporary staff. The result of this is that accidents happen, and injuries occur.

From poor manual handling training, neglecting the provision of sufficient PPE to deficient training in the use of work equipment-these important areas and others can be the cause of personal injuries as a result of an employer’s negligent behaviour.


Negligent behaviour by an employer can lead to a broad range of personal injuries including:

Back injuries, neck injuries, broken limbs and slipped discs are just some of the injuries which can occur as a result of poor manual handling training. In some cases, a manual handling accident can worsen the effects of an existing condition an employee may have.

A lack of PPE during the pandemic can lead to contracting the virus with its associated symptoms.

A lack of training in the use of work equipment can lead to serious and minor injuries.

On our specialist page on Lack of Training at work Compensation Claims, we go into some detail on making a claim for accidents related to a lack of training at work.

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If you are one of the thousands of temporary workers who have been employed over the last few months in response to the pandemic and have received a personal injury due to a lack of training, or other negligence from your employer, we are here to help. Hospital, warehouse, supermarket or delivery staff, or other we will get you the compensation that you deserve.

Our experts at Jefferies Solicitors are well experienced in dealing with a range of different case types. We understand how traumatic sustaining an injury can be and so we want to make the process of claiming compensation as stress-free as possible.

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