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Brain Injury Compensation Sought From Mini Bus Driver

A young woman who was left in a coma following severe head injuries caused by a bus accident is pursuing compensation of over £300,000.

The woman, from Swansea, was attempting to reach for an energy drink from the bus driver when the vehicle went over a speed bump, causing the doors to fly open and throwing her to the ground outside, emitting major head injuries.

Injuries To The Brain

She acquired a blood clot to her brain (subdural haematoma) and bleeding on the brain (subarachnoid haemorrhage) and underwent major surgery. She also claims that she has suffered migraines since the incident in June 2008.

The woman alleges that the driver of the bus, was going too fast over the speed bump and did not warn her what might happen, therefore not protecting her safety.

Further Possible Damages Sought

Representation for the woman states that she continues to suffer from post-traumatic stress, cognitive and psychological impairment and is at more risk of developing epilepsy because of the accident. If she is successful she will recover over £300,000 in damages (including personal injury claims compensation).

She is also seeking an order that will allow her to pursue more damages if she does suffer from epilepsy in the future.

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Published 12th May 2015.