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Jefferies Solicitors Customer Feedback Report 2020

Customer feedback is of great importance to us as we truly value the opinion of those we have worked with and we want to ensure that we are providing the best possible service. Feedback also helps us as a business to learn and develop.

As a case is settled we ask our clients for honest feedback on their experience with us.

This report highlights the data gathered from feedback from genuine Jefferies Solicitors clients collected over the last 12 months, between November 2019-November 2020.

The report highlights that:

  • 98% of customers said they would recommend us.
  • 92% of customers said they were very satisfied with the friendliness of our staff.
  • 87% of customers said we understood their needs very well. 
  • 80% of customers rated our ability to explain the legal process as excellent. 

As a result of this feedback from clients, we have recently expedited a number of digital changes in order to make it easier for clients to contact us and obtain updates on a claim.

As part of the client feedback process, we also collect testimonials from our clients. You can view the highlights of these comments on our Client Testimonials page.

We’ve also started to collect client feedback via Reviews.io. You can see honest, open reviews from genuine customers here.

The feedback we receive helps to shape the organisation as it goes forward. The positive feedback and testimonials are a reflection of the fantastic team of legal and support staff at Jefferies Solicitors. We truly care about our clients throughout their legal journey, helping them get the compensation that they deserve.

We look forward to another year of success stories.