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Life In The London Cycle Lane

Extensive research in 2013 showed that cyclists in London were not only responsible for the vast majority of early morning traffic but at a very high risk of serious injury whilst taking to the streets.

The expert cycle injury solicitors at Jefferies put together a great infographic highlighting some of the problems cyclists face every day. The results, originally taken from studies in 2013, yield some interesting facts. Take a look for yourself.

The statistics:

  • As many as 12% of all cyclists on London roads will jump a red light
  • There has been a £1 billion pound commitment to cycling that will be invested over the next ten years
  • During the peak morning hours of 7-10am, nearly 65% of vehicles on London’s main roads are bicycles
  • Almost 9,300 riders cross London Bridge per day
  • 63% of cyclists stated that they prefer to cycle on the pavement to avoid dangerous roads and junctions
  • Unfortunately, there were 14 cyclists killed on London streets in 2013
  • If as little as 14% of journeys taking place in central London were cycled rather than driven, dangerous vehicle emissions would be reduced by a third
  • 75% of all fatal and serious accidents involving cyclists take place in urban areas
  • Nearly one-quarter of these cyclists killed or injured are children
  • 80% of all cycling accidents in London happen during daylight hours
  • Nearly half (40%) of injuries suffered are arm injuries whereas 25% of injuries sustained are to the legs

If you have been involved in a cycling accident and you believe someone else is to blame please contact the dedicated team of road traffic accident solicitors at Jefferies for informal advice. We operate on a no win, no fee basis, which means there is no risk to you.

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Published on 26th May 2015.