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Eyebrow Wax Burns- When Waxing Goes Wrong

Eyebrow Waxing   

Eyebrow wax burns happen following an eyebrow wax. It is a procedure performed on the eyebrows to remove hair from the hair follicle on the eyebrow. 

It is performed using warm body wax which is applied to the skin in the direction of hair growth. A cloth strip is then placed over the application of wax, and it is then removed in a quick, firm motion, removing all hairs under the wax.  


Eyebrow waxing is used to remove unwanted eyebrow hairs, but as with all beauty treatments it comes with risks. There are some issues that can arise from eyebrow waxing treatment that you should be aware of.

Waxing often causes irritation 

Minor burns or irritation can sometimes occur, as after all- it’s hot wax that is being used.

*If you suffer from eyebrow wax burns following treatment you could treat the affected skin using: 

  • A cold compress 
  • Aloe vera gel 
  • Antibiotic ointment 

*This is not medical advice. Seek advice from the NHS for medical advice and guidance. 

However, if the burned skin is broken or blistered seek immediate medical attention. 

When waxing goes wrong 

Usually, eyebrow waxing is carried out by professionals who are well trained and care about their clients but occasionally negligent behaviour can happen where the beauty therapist has a lack of training and the skills that are necessary. This can see injuries such as: 

Application: No wax should be applied directly on the skinthere needs to be a type of barrier.  When the wax is applied to the face without a barrier, it is common to see major irritation to the skin, which includes, but is not limited to severe redness, bumps, and blisters.  

Temperature: Wax should always be the consistency of honey, and it should never be hot to touch. When the wax is too hot, it can cause blisters and burns.  

Hygiene: A wax applicator should only be used only once then disregarded to avoid cross-contamination. A brand new applicator should be used each time it is dipped in the wax.  

Allergies: Serious allergic reactions are possible following an eyebrow wax. Symptoms might include itching, swelling, hives, a rise in temperature or inflammation. To reduce the possibility of a reaction, the salon should always ask the individual if they have any allergies, before an eyebrow waxing procedure. 

If you suffer from an eyebrow wax burn, you should seek immediate medical attention. When it is safe for you to do so, contact us for advice on making an eyebrow wax claim.

Visit our page on Eyebrow Wax Burn Claims for more information on making a claim.