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Family Pursues Medical Negligence Claim After Fatal Hospital Fall

An inquest has concluded that a man who had a fall in hospital died because of his injuries the fall caused.

The elderly man had suffered historically from falls and imbalance and had been admitted to hospital for treatment because of a fall in his home. During his stay, hospital doctors found that the 90-year-old man had a subdural haematoma (more commonly known as a bleed that exists between the skull and the brain) that was removed. His subsequent stay in hospital was to be brief before he was moved to a residential care home.

During his temporary hospital stay, he had a fall while one of the nurses was attending to another patient next to him. He had been put in a chair while his bed was taken away and replaced for safety purposes and it is believed he tried to stand up from the chair and fell over. He was put into a bed after doctors were called to his aid and it was recorded at the time that he was alert but he later deteriorated and a second bleed on his brain was found.

Medical Negligence Case Being Pursued

The coroner in the inquest said that his death was caused by the fall and the injuries it caused. The family of the man are now looking into the validity of a medical negligence claim against the hospital in respect of the incident.

Claiming Medical Negligence With Jefferies Solicitors

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Published 11th February 2015.