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Head Injury Accident At Work Leaves Man With Fractured Skull

A 27-year-old man who was working on a school roof in the Midlands suffered a serious head injury when a heavy object struck him.

The object that hit him was a four-kilogram metal gin wheel that fell seven metres from above him. The accessory is a common piece of equipment used by scaffolders to move heavy materials with ropes.

HSE Investigation: Accident Was ‘Preventable’

Following the accident, there was a Health and Safety Investigation to determine why the incident had occurred. It was revealed during a hearing at Birmingham Magistrate’s Court that the gin wheel had not been secured properly. The company who was in charge of installing the scaffolding was found responsible.

The HSE Inspector present in court said that this accident had been preventable and that the injured man has nothing but luck to thanks that he was not killed in the incident. He said: “This incident was entirely preventable and could easily have been avoided had Mr Harvey followed the published guidance to attach the wheel securely. He said that the type of wheel which was dropped is a common kind of accessory that scaffolders use and it is vital they are attached correctly.

It was concluded that the safety standards applied in this case were below what they should have been and it was ‘inevitable’ that it was going to fall and cause danger to people below it.

Scaffolding Accident Claims

Scaffolding accidents are common accidents at in the workplace, many of which can result in catastrophic injuries. Falls from height are another form of scaffolding accident and can cause fatal injuries in many cases.

Making An Accident At Work Claim With Jefferies Solicitors

If you or a member of your family has had an accident at work that was the fault of a third party then you could be able to make a personal injury claim. Please get in touch with our specialist workplace injury lawyers at Jefferies if you would like more advice and information on how to make a personal injury claim. You can call us on our national accident helpline number or make an online enquiry.

Published 11th February 2015.