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How To Stay Safe on Your Bike This Season

We all love riding our bikes and the opportunity to go for a ride is never easily passed by. Whether it’s a ride around your favourite park, an adrenaline-fuelled adventure along a country lane or just simply, your commute to work you should always have your safety in mind.

Cycling on today’s roads is perceived as ‘dangerous’ and probably sees more bad press than it deserves. Some people may even call you mad for commuting on bike, however, it doesn’t have to be dangerous if you know the right steps to take on staying safe. Want to know something? On average per mile, more walkers are injured and killed in accidents than cyclists are!

Higher living expenses and the massive success of the London 2012 Olympics have led to a surge in popularity of cycling in Britain, with millions now choosing to cycle all across the country! Here at Jefferies, we’ve put together our top tips on staying safe on Britain’s busy roads so you can enjoy your ride safely and with peace of mind.

1. Join the Bikeability scheme! The Bikeability scheme gives adults and children the opportunity to learn and improve cycling skills and knowledge whatever the level. Riders can start at all levels beginning at learning to ride a bike through to people who have been riding bikes for years! The Bikeability is scheme is free for children and is available nationwide in schools, there may be a small cost for adults depending on the provider.
2. Make sure you’re visible on the roads. Wear clothing easily visible in the day and at night wear high visibility clothing. Make sure you have lights on your bike and use them at night whatever the weather.
3. Always wear a helmet, you wouldn’t leave the house without your clothes on! Helmets can take an unbelievable amount of force and massively prevent the chance of a serious head injury if you were in an accident.
4. Always let drivers know what you’re doing and provide plenty of time. Turning left? Make sure you signal with your arm 5 seconds before you turn.
5. Don’t cycle with your headphones in. Your favourite album and a nice ride might seem like a great combination but you’d be surprised. With your earphones in your attention to the roads and awareness to other riders is considerably reduced. Accidents are much more prone to happen when you have your earphones in.
6. Don’t jump traffic lights. You may only be riding a bike but you should respect the roads and other drivers, traffic lights are there to keep you safe also.
7. Be aware of vehicles. Lots of accidents happen when cyclists are on the inside of a car that’s turning left. You shouldn’t assume a car’s direction even if it hasn’t signalled.

And so concludes Jefferies’ top tips for staying safe on the roads, follow these simple steps and you’ll be well on your way to being a road safety king.