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Jefferies supports GB mountain bikers helmet advice

GB mountain biker and medalist Luke Cryer is raising awareness of the importance of helmets in cycling. Luke suffered a traumatic brain injury in 2020 following a cycling accident on a pump track in Scotland, where he crashed and hit his head.

At the time of the accident, Luke was wearing a helmet, which meant that his injuries were not as serious as they could have been.

Following his traumatic brain injury, Luke was supported by the brain injury charity, Headway to the point of rehabilitation and getting him back on his feet.

Luke believes many cyclists, skateboarders and scooter riders, particularly young people don’t wear helmets as they are seen to be uncool. However, following his accident Luke is passionate about encouraging cyclists to wear a helmet as they can save lives.

Luke said:

“Unfortunately, most of the time it’s too late to realise the importance of protecting yourself when we doing the sports we love. I would like to make you aware of how important helmets are and how they can really save your life. I feel passionate to try to push people to wear helmets. After my crash, it’s really opened my eyes to how easy brain injuries can happen and how scary it can be, especially if we don’t protect them… and it’s so easy to look cool and protect yourself doing things we love.”


Luke cryer- cyclist

Luke after his accident and in action on his bike

luke cryer cycle safety event


At Jefferies Solicitors, we support and share Luke’s advice that cyclists, skateboarders and scooter riders should wear helmets, to protect lives. We want to promote safe cycling by encouraging riders to wear protective gear, supporting Luke’s advice and running a series of cycling safety campaigns that will use Luke’s advice at its core.

We are supporting Luke’s advice as Jefferies Solicitors firmly believes in giving something back to the community and we want to encourage young people to see safety gear as an acceptable, cool and necessary part of sports, to reduce fatalities and injuries in future generations.

We are also promoting Luke’s advice due to the rising number of cycling accidents as more people have taken to the roads following the pandemic. Many of the cyclists involved in accidents have been spared from fatalities and life-changing head and brain injuries, due to wearing protective gear.

Jefferies Solicitors Managing Director, Michael Jefferies said: “Anyone who saw the life-changing effects of a head injury would never go cycling again without a helmet.”

We will be following Luke as he continues to push for the use of helmets and supporting him through helping him to spread this message which hopes to save lives.


You can follow Luke at: https://www.instagram.com/lukecryer96/

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