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Pothole Compensation Reaches Millions As Motorists Express Dissatisfaction With UK Roads

In addition to dissatisfaction expressed by MPs concerning England’s roads, there has also been renewed concern from the general public.

MPs have said that the current haphazard investment and focus on England’s road systems has meant there has been difficulty in maintaining roads to a standard which is needed. A Labour MP said that value for money had been put at risk in terms of road maintenance. In response, the government has said that it has had to deal with unforeseen circumstances which have affected the roads, like poor weather conditions.

Pothole Compensation Claims

According to the Public Accounts Committee, there were around £31 million worth of compensation claims in 2013/14 in relation to the state of the roads and on average each pothole costs around £52 to fix.

The Department for Transport said that it was committed to getting the pothole problem resolved and that it was behind local authorities who took a preventive approach to problems on the road. A DfT spokesperson said: “We have committed to spending £24bn on our strategic road network up to 2021 – the biggest investment in our roads since the 1970s – and we are reforming roads funding so that it is stable and guaranteed, he added that no apologies would be made for tackling unforeseen problems caused by weather.

An MP from the Local Government Associations transport spokesman says that there has been ‘decades of underfunding’ have left the roads in disrepair.

Making A Pothole Compensation Claim

If you think you may have a valid pothole compensation claim then please get in touch with our no win no fee solicitors at Jefferies. We can help you receive the maximum amount of compensation you are entitled to. Please call us on our national accident helpline number of complete one of our online claim forms.

Published 11th February 2015.