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Could Rock Music Cause Brain Injuries Through Headbanging?

Headbanging has hit the headlines recently after a man from Germany suffered a bleed on the brain in the weeks following a rock concert.

The man underwent treatment for the brain injury for four weeks following the discovery, however, brain injury charities have said that the incident is ‘very unusual’.

Headbanging involves people thrusting themselves forwards and backgrounds in quick succession and the doctors treating the man thought it might have been caused by this movement and believe it could have triggered a rupturing of the bridging veins.

The man had not had any other form of head trauma and said that he had not used drugs. He also said he had been at a concert where he had been headbanging several weeks prior to the bleed.

Headbanging has historically been linked to other health problems such as neck, back and spine injuries but largely speaking the activity is not known to be overly harmful.

Headway Says It’s An Unusual Case

Headway UK is a brain injury charity which has been set up to help brain injury survivors live with their condition. Luke Griggs from Headway says that the case of the man from Germany was unusual and it was very unlikely that someone going to a concert and doing this would sustain a haematoma. He added: “However, we strongly recommend that anyone who suffers a constant,
worsening headache for an extended period of time – having been to a concert or otherwise – should seek medical advice.”

Making A Brain Injury Compensation Claim

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Published 11th February 2015.