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Workplace Accident Victim Sings His Way To Recovery

A 64-year-old man who survived a serious workplace accident last year has turned his life around by performing with his local choir group.

The man became caught up in a machine at a steelworks in Wales while he was carrying out repair work in 2012. He thought that the machine was not working but midway through the repair job, the machine began moving and he suffered a triple skull fracture and broken bones. He was in a coma for almost two months and on the way to the University Hospital in Wales, he suffered a stroke due to blood loss.

Machinery Accident Injuries

He said that he clinically ‘died’ and can now only walk using a frame. He said: “I don’t know what happened but it knocked me unconscious and cut me into bits, gave me brain trouble and all sorts.”

He says he can’t remember anything about the accident or the days leading up to it and at one point, he experienced complete memory loss. He said: “I don’t know what happened but it knocked me unconscious and cut me into bits, gave me brain trouble and all sorts.

Prior to his recovery, he underwent plastic surgery to have skin removed from his legs to make a new stomach. He also suffered from bouts of depression but has now come through it.

Despite the man’s horrific, multiple injuries, he has astonished his friends and relatives by returning to his love of singing with his local choir and relatives and friends have been shocked by his recovery.

Worker Is An ‘Inspiration’ For Multiple Injury Sufferers

While he was in a coma members from the choir helped by playing some of their CDs. His fellow choir members are thrilled to have their member back; one said: “He is quite a wit and keeps people smiling and we were delighted when he decided to come back and practice with us.” Another commented, “He’s an inspiration to people who have suffered any sort of major injury.”

Machine Accidents At Work

If you have had an accident involving machinery in the workplace then there can be life changing consequences. Machinery can pose severe health risks if it is not maintained, checked and properly supervised. These responsibilities are down to your employer; if it can be proven that your employer has been neglectful in carrying out legal health and safety requirements, then you could have a valid workplace compensation claim.

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Published 16th February 2015.