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Finalists at the Personal Injury Awards 2020

2 Nominations for Jefferies Solicitors! There are two nominations for Jefferies Solicitors at this year's Personal Injury Awards. Our Catastrophic Injury Team have been shortlisted for Catastrophic Injury Team of the Year and Director Nina Ramsden has been shortlisted for Catastrophic Injury ...

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car drive

Rise In Car Accidents

Increase In Accidents According to a recent study, there has been a rise in the number of car accidents since the easing of lockdown began in the UK. A study performed by the accident management company AX has revealed that there were 72% more accidents in the month of May compared to April, wit...

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bike maintenance

Cycling Safety-Your Quick Checklist

Cycle Safety: Tips For Before You Begin Your Bike Ride Staying Safe While Riding A Bike If you are new to cycling and are looking at how best to prepare for a ride we've put together some useful cycling safety tips for you. It's a quick read but could make a big difference to your ride. Even...

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eyebrow wax

Eyebrow Wax Burns- When Waxing Goes Wrong

Eyebrow Wax Burns- When Waxing Goes Wrong Eyebrow Waxing    Eyebrow wax burns happen following an eyebrow wax. It is a procedure performed on the eyebrows to remove hair from the hair follicle on the eyebrow.  It is performed using warm body wax which is applied to the skin in the direction ...

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reading phone

How Much Compensation For Falling In A Supermarket?

How Much Compensation For Falling In A Supermarket? After a fall in a supermarket, you may already be certain that you want to make a personal injury claim. However, you may be unsure about how much compensation you could be entitled to. Jefferies Solicitors are here to clarify if you could clai...

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kids crossing road

Back to School-Road Safety

Walking To School If you are the parent or guardian of a child who walks to school, you'll want them to be as safe as possible on their way to and from school. To do this it is also important that they are aware of how they can keep safe near roads. Here's some guidance to get started: Pick...

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female shopping

Claiming For A Supermarket Slip, Trip And Fall Accident

Claiming For A Supermarket Slip, Trip And Fall Accident. If you have fallen over in a supermarket, you may be unsure about what to do now. You may even be unsure if you can claim. The general rule is that if the accident was the fault of someone else, such as the supermarket generally failing to...

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factory worker

Common Factory Accidents and How to Avoid Them

Common Factory Accidents Within a factory there are 4 accidents that are more likely to occur than others. It can be useful to be aware of what accident types are more common within a factory so that you can be aware of how to protect yourself against these types of accidents. 1. Machine-relate...

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Pensive man

I Slipped and Fell At Work-What Should I Do?

Fallen At Work? What Steps Can I Take?   If you have experienced a fall at work, you may feel unsure about what your next steps should be. If you would like to make a personal injury claim, there are certain steps that you can take to increase the likelihood that your claim will be successful. T...

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Essential Steps to Take After a Construction Site Accident 

Steps to Take Following a Construction Site Accident While most construction workers return from each shift without being involved in an accident, there is sadly always a possibility that an accident will occur. Injuries resulting from an accident on a construction site can range from minor brui...

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headway telephone support

Jefferies Supports Charity Headway Helpline

Jefferies Supports Charity Headway Helpline On 27th July 2020, Jefferies Solicitors funded the running costs of the Headway helpline for a day. The helpline is there for those dealing with the devastating effects of brain injury. We believe in giving something back to the local community and,...

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clinical negligence

The rising cost of clinical negligence claims ( as motor claims keep on dropping)

    The Law Gazette has released research that shows how the increase is due to an increase in injuries such as mesh implants. The main points from the report state that: Claimant legal costs for clinical cases rose by 12.5% in 2019/20, Claimant costs increased during y...

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accident at work

Claiming For An Accident At Work FAQ’s

Claiming For An Accident At Work FAQ's Here's 7 FAQ's that we've put together to help you when considering claiming for an accident at work.   1. HOW MUCH COMPENSATION WILL I GET WHEN CLAIMING FOR AN ACCIDENT AT WORK? When claiming for an accident at work compensation is awarded by ass...

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construction workers

3 things You Should Do After an Accident at Work

  3 things You Should Do After an Accident at Work If you have suffered an accident at work, there are 3 steps that you can take to help safeguard evidence which can later be used if you wish to pursue further action, such as making a personal injury claim. The most important step to ...

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The 4 Steps to Take After a Factory Accident

4 Steps You Should Take After an Accident in a Factory Suffering an accident in the workplace can often be traumatic and making a claim can often seem even scarier. After an accident, making a claim likely isn’t the first thing on your mind. However, if you would like to make a personal injury c...

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Daniel’s 127 Mile Charity Cycle Challenge

Daniel from Jefferies Solicitors completed an epic cycle ride on Friday the 10th of July. He cycled 127 miles in one day and raised a massive £390 for The Children’s Adventure Farm Trust. Congratulations Daniel that's fantastic! On Friday 10th July (weather permitting), Daniel ...

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The Warehouse Claim Guides You Can’t Afford To Miss

If you work in a warehouse either as an employee or employer you need to do all that you can to ensure that your warehouse is a safe place to work for you and those around you. Of course, even with the highest levels of training and equipment accidents can happen. Slips, trips and falls, objects ...

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Charity Advises on The Importance of Children Wearing a Helmet

Charity Advises on The Importance of Children Wearing a Helmet With an increase in the number of children experiencing cycling accidents, charity ROSPA has provided advice on how to maximise a child's safety when using a bike. The advice comes with a helpful video and printable checklist. At ...

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You’ve been knocked off your bike by a car

In 2018, 17,550 cyclists were injured in reported road accidents, including 4,205 who were killed or seriously injured. Many of these cyclists will have been knocked off their bike by another road user. Some of the most common cycling accidents caused by a third party include those that occur ...

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man reading

Letter of Engagement (what’s that then?)

What is a letter of engagement? It's a legal term that's often used in personal injury claims and is sometimes left unexplained. So what exactly is it? A letter of engagement acts as written confirmation that there is an agreement about the services that a firm is going to provide for their c...

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