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Brain Damage Can Occur During Mild Head Injury

A recent study by scientists at Cambridge University has demonstrated that brain damage can occur in even mild bumps to the head.

The patients in the trial had suffered a concussion from a variety of sources such as contact sports, cycling accidents and car crashes.

The study showed that 45% of patients who suffered a concussion showed symptoms of long-lasting brain damage such as headaches, depression, and fatigue.

Dr. Emmanuel Stamatakis, the lead author, said: “At present, we have no clear way of working out which of these patients will have a speedy recovery and which will take longer, and the combination of over-optimistic and imprecise prognoses means some patients risk not receiving adequate care.”

Concussion Aware Jefferies Solicitors is an advocate of Headway UK and has worked with it on numerous charity activities. We understand the various different ways in which a brain injury can affect survivors and their families. We support Headway’s Concussion Aware campaign.

Have You Been Affected By A Head Injury?

If you or a member of your family has been affected by a brain injury then you can sometimes feel like there is a lack of understanding of your condition. A lot of research is still being undertaken about brain injuries and there is still more to be discovered.

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