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Mesothelioma Bill Goes Through Parliament

This week the mesothelioma bill went through parliament following a series of public, ongoing discussions and debates with all related industries.

What’s Included In The Mesothelioma Bill?

The bill outlines a compensation scheme for victims who have suffered mesothelioma and cannot locate the insurers to make a personal injury claim. The scheme will now be funded through a levy on existing employer’s liability insurance across the nation and mesothelioma sufferers will now receive 75% of the compensation they would’ve received had their case been taken to court. The bill also includes the requirement to carry out more research into mesothelioma.

Minister Said Nothing Had Been Done About Mesothelioma Claims For A Long Time

Work and Pensions Minister, Mike penning said insurers had not been overly cooperative at the prospect of having the debate, he said: “We have to look at the context. Nothing had been done for so long, but now something is being done and the insurance companies are not happy about it.”

He said that the insurers could afford the levy but the deal was not based on this. He added that he wants royal assent for the compensation owed to mesothelioma victims to be paid in July.

The Association of Personal Injury Lawyers has said that it is pleased a ‘valuable first step’ has been made but that it does not agree with the terms of the bill. President Matthew Stockwell said: “It is bad enough that victims are exposed to deadly asbestos just by turning up for work, then forced to use this scheme because insurance records are no longer around. Now they are to be penalised by losing a quarter of what the courts determine is fair redress. This is not the justice these people deserve”

Making A Personal Injury Claim For Mesothelioma

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