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New Driver Offences

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What Is A New Driver?

In the eyes of the law, a new driver is someone who has become a qualified driver within the last two years.

You can only be a new driver once. If you apply to drive a different category of motor vehicle e.g. a heavy goods vehicle, you do not have new driver status for the second time.

New Drivers Penalty Points

A new driver must not accumulate 6 points or more within the first two years of passing their driving test to be allowed to continue to drive. If 6 points are accrued, the DVLA will revoke the driving licence automatically and they will be required to take a re-test within a given timeframe, except in certain cases.

Any unexpired penalty points accumulated whilst a driver had provisional status will be automatically transferred to the full licence as soon as the driver passes their driving test; points remain on the licence for a period of four years.

The new driver rules apply to all new drivers who passed their first driving licence in Great Britain, Channel Islands, Isle of Man, Gibraltar and all countries within the European Community and European Economic Area.

Can a new driver avoid revocation?

It is possible to avoid revocation of a new driver’s licence if the court can be persuaded to impose a disqualification as an alternative to points. It is prudent to note that courts take a stringent line with new drivers and the statistics for avoiding points are lower for this category of driver. That said, if we feel that we can present a persuasive argument in respect of the impact of you being unable to drive and the offences committed are of the lowest level, it is possible to retain a new driver’s licence.
Upon revocation, a new driver must re-apply for a provisional licence before taking a full re-test. A new full licence will be issued when both theory and practical tests are passed. The new licence will be endorsed with all unexpired points.

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