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    Chemical Peel Claims

    Chemical peels remove dead skin cells from the face so that new skin cells can grow. The procedure aims to improve the appearance of the facial skin by reducing creating a more even skin tone, rejuvenating the skin and reducing ageing spots. Chemical peels are typically available at private practices.

    While chemical peels are usually performed safely, there is still a chance that you could suffer an injury while undergoing one. If you have suffered an injury or trauma due to negligent behaviour on the part of the professional performing the chemical peel, you may be entitled to chemical peel compensation.

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    Types of Chemical Peels

    All chemical peels involve applying a chemical peel solution to the face. There are three types of chemical peels, with varying degrees of severity.

    Superficial Peels

    • Removal of skin cells from the top layer of skin
    • Skin generally feels tighter for a few hours afterwards
    • Regular treatment is needed to maintain the effects

    Medium Peels

    • Removal of skin cells from the top and middle layers of skin
    • There might be a slight burning sensation during the peel
    • The skin may be brown or red for a few days post-peel
    • Treatment is needed every 6 to 12 months to maintain the effects

    Deep Peels

    • Affect deeper skin layers
    • Due to the intensity of this peel, a local anaesthetic may be necessary to numb pain
    • Heart and blood pressure must be monitored during the peel as the chemical used can affect the kidney and heart
    • Swelling can last for up to two weeks, redness up to three months
    • Can lighten the skin permanently
    • Have very long-lasting effects so are normally not repeated

    Due to the intensity of chemical peels – particularly deep peels – injury can occur if beauticians do not take proper steps during the peel procedure. If an injury does occur due to negligence, this could create a case for a negligence claim.

    Chemical Peel Compensation Claims

    Every patient or customer deserves to feel safe when undergoing a cosmetic procedure. To ensure your safety, you should have been made aware of any risks prior to undergoing the procedure. While most cosmetic procedures are completed without injury, there is always the possibility for injury to occur – especially if the practitioner does not take all the proper precautions. Deep peels are particularly dangerous due to the intensity of the chemicals that are used and the length of time that they are left on. If you have suffered an injury due to misinformation or a negligently performed chemical peel, you may be entitled to compensation.

    Some examples of the risks/injuries that can occur due to chemical peels:

    • Permanent darkening or lightening of the skin colour
    • Bacterial infections
    • Fungal infections
    • Heart, liver or kidney damage – particular to deep peels

    If you have experienced any of the above injuries, or any other type of injury, due to a chemical peel, you may be eligible for compensation. While a medical negligence claim will cover compensation for any suffering caused by the procedure, it could also cover the cost of the procedure as well as any further procedures that were necessary to resolve the damage. Compensation could also cover a loss of earnings if there was an inability to return to work post-surgery.

    As each surgery is unique, the case for compensation will be assessed on an individual basis. An assessment of the amount you are entitled to will be conducted by a specialist lawyer with experience in dealing with cosmetic surgery claims such as Botox claims.

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