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    Failed Abortion Claims

    We understand that claiming compensation for a failed abortion is one of the most stressful, difficult and confusing situations you can be in. Our team of negligence solicitors are on hand to help you through the situation and seek the compensation you deserve.

    Free initial discussion

    For a no-obligation initial discussion about your circumstances and to find out whether you have a claim, please feel free to call us on 0800 342 3206 or get in touch online.

    What is Failed Abortion Negligence?

    When making the difficult decision to terminate a pregnancy, it is often performed during the first seven weeks. Although most abortion procedures happen without issue, sometimes problems occur, leading to injuries or the abortion being unsuccessful.

    The method used to terminate a pregnancy depends on how advanced the pregnancy is. There are medical abortions and surgical abortions which are typically performed under a local anaesthetic.

    Failed abortion negligence can include:

    • Causing injury to the cervix or uterus
    • Failure to detect infection at a follow-up check
    • Failure to identify failed abortion or partial abortion
    • Lack of informed consent from a patient
    • Unwanted birth

    Who was responsible?

    You can make a claim against anyone who you believe acted negligently towards you during the abortion process. They may be the doctors that consulted with you, the nurses who were responsible for your aftercare and other medical professionals who were directly or indirectly involved. You may also be able to claim against the surgeon who carried out the failed abortion operation.

    How to claim

    If you believe that you have a claim, then it is advisable to get in touch with a solicitor who specialises in abortion negligence. You may be able to claim compensation if you can prove that negligence has occurred.

    At Jefferies, our no win no fee solicitors are experienced in all types of negligence claims including failed abortions.

    On behalf of our clients, we can issue claims for past and future losses. Our solicitors will take into account pain and suffering, loss of earnings and the need for specialist psychological support.

    We understand the difficult circumstances that can come with making a claim whilst dealing with the physical and emotional stress of the situation. Our team will guide you through the legal process as quickly and simply as possible whilst getting you the result you deserve.

    Contact Jefferies Solicitors to discuss your claim today on 0800 342 3206 or, alternatively, fill out our online form.