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    Loss of a Testicle Compensation

    Jefferies Solicitors are here to help you claim compensation for the loss of a testicle due to negligence. We can offer you helpful advice on all aspects of medical and clinical negligence.

    A medical professional who overlooks and fails to diagnose a condition due to negligence can be held accountable if the patient loses their testicle as a result of this failure. You could also be entitled to claim for medical negligence where surgical errors have taken place, such as the loss of a testicle from a hernia operation.

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    Failure to diagnose testicular torsion

    A patient is susceptible to losing a testicle if testicular torsion is not diagnosed and treated correctly and quickly. Testicular torsion takes place when the testicle rotates on the spermatic cord. This blocks the blood flow to the testicle which can cause it to ‘die’ if the person does not receive urgent treatment.

    The adverse effects of testicular torsion can impact heavily on a person’s wellbeing. It has the potential to lead to a long-term disability as well as problems with fertility. In some cases, the testicle will have to be removed as a result of a late diagnosis due to medical negligence.

    If you or a loved one has suffered from the complications of a delayed diagnosis or treatment then you may have the right to make a claim.


    Loss of a testicle caused by surgical errors

    Surgical error is another common reason a medical negligence claim might arise for the loss of a testicle. In some cases, the wrong testicle might have been removed in error. It could be that a mistake has happened in a completely unrelated procedure which has resulted in testicular damage.

    The most common surgical errors are:

    • Damage to the testicular artery due to vasectomy errors
    • The death of a testicle as a result of a hernia operation
    • A healthy testicle is removed mistakenly (e.g. in operations to remove a cancerous testicle)

    Loss of a testicle after a hernia operation

    This common operation can sometimes lead to complications when the blood flow to the testicle is disrupted or cut off. In this scenario, the condition should be treated quickly to ensure that lasting damage or testicular death does not occur.


    The risk of a vasectomy is generally minor, but sometimes it can go wrong if negligently carried out by a surgeon who accidentally cuts off the blood supply to the testicle.


    How to claim

    If you believe that you may be entitled to compensation you should contact us for advice. If it can be proven that negligence has taken place, you may be able to claim successfully.

    As a rough guideline, the typical payout for the negligent removal of one testicle is in the region of £20,000. You may be able to claim up to £70,000 if both testicles are removed as a result of negligence.


    Our team of no win, no fee lawyers understand the intricate circumstances that can arise when pursuing a claim – especially whilst dealing with the physical or emotional stress of such an injury. As such, we will ensure that you are closely guided through the legal process in a quick and simple manner to procure the results that you deserve.

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