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Appendicitis Misdiagnosis Claims

We may be able to assist if you are looking to claims for the misdiagnosis of appendicitis.

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Appendicitis Misdiagnosis

Complications and fatalities can arise when treatment is delayed for conditions such as appendicitis. The generalised nature of appendicitis symptoms is one reason why the condition is commonly misdiagnosed. These symptoms can include:

  • Nausea
  • Fever (High Temperature)
  • Pain in the abdomen
  • Vomit and Diarrhoea

A full examination should be undertaken by a medical professional if a patient has pains in the abdomen. If they are unable to determine the cause of the pain, it is normal for an image, urine or blood test to be carried out. You may be able to retrieve compensation if you believe that your doctor was negligent in diagnosing or treating your appendicitis.

Appendicitis can be resolved easily by removing the appendix in surgery. This operation should take place without delay. If it is not done quickly the appendix can burst which can spread infection, increase pain and make the chance of a fatality more likely.

Failure to make the correct diagnosis can mean that a patient receives an inappropriate standard of care. This negligence can mean that a patient may experience further suffering and possibly develop peritonitis.

Claiming compensation for appendicitis misdiagnosis

We recommend contacting a personal injury lawyer without delay if you suspect that you have a misdiagnosed appendicitis claim.

At Jefferies Solicitors, we have a professional team of no win no fee solicitors who have experience in a wide range of misdiagnosis claims. Our friendly team understand that it can be difficult to make a claim whilst you are recovering from a medical condition. They will walk you through the process step-by-step to ensure that you reap the highest level of compensation with the least amount of stress possible.

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