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    Misdiagnosis of a Hip Fracture

    Have you had a hip fracture that was misdiagnosed? Jefferies Solicitors may be able to assist you in making a claim for compensation if you believe that there has been negligence in your diagnosis or treatment. Our team of experts has a range of experience in all aspects of clinical and medical negligence claims.

    A fracture is a type of trauma to any bone in the body which leads to a break or a crack. There are multiple types of fractures and it is important that they are correctly identified so that the correct treatment is prescribed. If a fracture is not treated properly this can cause complications.

    A hip injury that has been missed or misdiagnosed by a medical expert could be a case for compensation. This could also apply if you have undergone hip surgery and errors were made throughout the operation.

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    Hip fracture misdiagnosis

    Misdiagnosis occurs when a medical professional overlooks a fractured hip bone following an injury. An untreated fracture can lead to a severe outcome later in the future. It is the responsibility of your medical professional to record the details of your accident. They should examine your x-rays carefully to ensure that you receive appropriate treatment. A further check-up may be required within 7 to 14 days of the initial visit.

    Hip fracture treatment & surgical errors

    An operation on your hip may be necessary in order to restore or improve your mobility. Surgery can be required for a number of reasons, including:

    • Injury, e.g. a broken hip from a fall
    • Wear and tear of the hip joint over time
    • Congenital abnormalities
    • Arthritis

    The desired outcome of surgery is usually to improve the quality of life of the patient. Sometimes an operation can have the opposite effect due to mistakes being made during the procedure or diagnosis. This, in turn, can lead to needless suffering on behalf of the patient.

    Making a claim is a positive step that enables you to secure the compensation that you are rightly entitled to following an injury of this nature.

    How can I claim?

    You should contact a clinical negligence solicitor if you believe that you have a claim. If negligence can be proven you may be awarded compensation.

    Start your claim with Jefferies Solicitors

    Our expert team of lawyers work on a no win, no fee basis and are experienced in a wide range of misdiagnosis claims. Our team is capable of initiating claims for both past and future losses. When working on your case we will take a whole host of factors into account, such as pain and suffering, loss of earnings, and any requirements for special support.

    Our lawyers understand the intricate circumstances that can arise when pursuing a claim – especially whilst dealing with the physical or emotional stress of such an injury. As such, we will ensure that you are closely guided through the legal process in a quick and simple manner to procure the results that you deserve.

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