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Excessive rubbing of the shoulder muscles against the upper part of the shoulder blade can lead to soreness in the shoulder. This condition is known as a shoulder impingement injury.

These injuries most often take place following repeated movement or lifting in manual handling jobs. You may have the right to claim compensation if you have developed shoulder impingement due to your working conditions.

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What are the causes of shoulder impingement?

The primary effect of shoulder impingement stems from the rotator cuff tendon rubbing or catching on the bone at the upper part of your shoulder. This can cause discomfort when moving the shoulder during routine daily tasks.

Shoulder impingement can occur for a variety of reasons. Sometimes it is simply the result of wear and tear with age. Nevertheless, it can take place following an injury or accident, e.g. an occupational accident or road traffic accident.

Occasionally it is caused by overstressing the shoulder. Example of this could include playing racket sports or performing repetitive activities at work.

If you have developed shoulder impingement following an accident or because you have overused your shoulder at work then you may be entitled to claim for compensation.

What are the symptoms of shoulder impingement?

There are sometimes multiple symptoms of shoulder impingement. These can appear intensely ‘out of the blue’ or develop gradually over time. The type of symptoms you may experience could include:

  • Loss of strength in the arm
  • Aches and/or pains at night, causing sleep disturbance
  • Exacerbated pain when you lift your arm (especially above your head)
  • Pain in the top and outer side of the shoulder

Other conditions can sometimes stem from shoulder impingement. One such condition is named rotator cuff tendonitis. This occurs when the rotator cuff tendon becomes inflamed or swollen. Additionally, shoulder bursitis can develop when the bursa – a sac of fluid that reduces friction around the shoulder joint – becomes inflamed.

Treatment for shoulder impingement

Anti-inflammatory pain killers are initially prescribed or purchased over the counter in order to treat shoulder impingement. If this treatment fails to work then steroid injections or physiotherapy can be employed as alternative methods of treatment.

The correct treatment can lead to the condition improving substantially within a few weeks or months. Unfortunately, there are some chronic cases in which surgery is needed to widen the space around the rotator cuff tendon.

Can I claim compensation for shoulder impingement?

The short answer is yes. However, compensation varies widely for this type of claim. You are only legally entitled to make a claim if you have sustained a shoulder impingement injury due to third-party negligence, for example in an accident that wasn’t your fault or an inappropriate working environment. The table below gives an indication of how much compensation you may be awarded:

Level of shoulder injury

Potential compensation

Mild £1,950 – £6,290
Moderate £6,290 – £10,180
Serious £10,180 – £15,300
Severe £15,300 – £38,280

A shoulder impingement injury can have a debilitating effect on your quality of life. Moreover, a significant reduction in your physical capabilities could make working difficult or impossible. Loss of earnings can be recovered as part of the claim process.

Severe injuries can degrade your ability to perform simple tasks such as housework, hobbies or caring for other family members. Our solicitors will consider all of the ways in which the injury has affected your life when evaluating the potential outcome of your claim.

How to make a shoulder impingement claim with Jefferies Solicitors

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