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    Compensation For Undiagnosed Fractures 

    You could claim undiagnosed fracture compensation if a medical professional fails to diagnose your injury. If a fracture is not diagnosed properly, there is the potential that a patient could suffer from additional pain or complications as a result and the injury could heal incorrectly. If a fracture is identified but is identified late, this can result in additional treatment being needed, leading to a longer recovery period and a greater likelihood that the injury will heal incorrectly.  

    If you have suffered from a fracture that a medical professional failed to diagnose, this would be classed as medical negligence. If this scenario has happened to you and you have suffered as a result, you could be able to claim undiagnosed fracture compensation. To find out if you can make a claim, contact us.

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    Types Of Undiagnosed Fracture Compensation Claims 

    There are many different ways in which a medical professional can miss a fracture. Some of the most common ways include: 

    • An X-ray not being offered to a patient because of the description of the accident and the assessment of the symptoms leading the medical professional to believe that the symptoms were not a fracture. 
    • The fracture was difficult to view on an X-ray.  
    • A report detailing the results from the X-ray was not passed on to the doctor presiding over this medical case, resulting in further action to fix the fracture not being taken. 
    • An inexperienced doctor who is unclear about medical procedures may not request an X-ray when they should.  
    • The view of the X-ray was incorrect for the type of fracture and so the medical professional was unable to see the fracture properly. 

    Medical professionals have a duty of care towards their patients to protect their safety. If you have suffered as a result of a fracture not being diagnosed by a medical professional, you could be able to claim undiagnosed fracture compensation.  


    For your compensation claim to be successful, you have to prove that the medical professional who was overseeing your care failed to act in a reasonable and professional manner when assessing your injury. This failure then has to be proven to be the reason that the fracture was missed, causing a delay in proper treatment and/or further complications to the injury.  

    Undiagnosed Fracture Compensation 

    The amount of undiagnosed fracture compensation that you can claim will depend upon the specific details of your case. This amount of compensation is calculated by looking at two distinct categories: general damages and special damages. 


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