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Fracture At Work Claims

There are many different types of fracture at work claims and these types of injury are commonplace in the field of personal injury law.

Some working environments present a greater risk of sustaining a fracture injury than others. However, if you consider the amount of tripping, slipping and falling hazards there are in any given working environment then it is obvious to see how easily fractures happen. These risks are heightened when your employer has failed to implement the necessary health and safety conditions.

Different types of fractures

  • Closed fractures happen when there has been no breaking of the skin over the broken bone
  • Open fractures occur when the skin has broken and there is a wound; these are prone to infection
  • Compound fractures are when there have been several bones which have broken. Surgery is often required for these injuries
  • Comminuted fractures (sometimes called multi-fragmentary fractures) are bones that are completely shattered due to high impact. They can often lead to sustained periods of absence from work
  • Avulsion fractures occur when a small piece of bone comes away from the main part of the bone
  • Longitudinal fractures are when the break forms vertically down the bone rather than across it

There are many other kinds of fractures and this list is not exhaustive.

Ways in which you may acquire a fracture at work

  • Falling from a height e.g. off ladders on a construction site
  • Objects falling on workers from a height
  • Falling or tripping on a wet surface
  • Tripping over objects obstructing a pathway
  • Industrial machinery not being used correctly and crushing or injuring

Fracture at work claims with Jefferies Solicitors

A fractured bone may sound like a mild ailment but there are complex breaks which have serious health implications for people.

Everyday tasks can be limited and working can be difficult or impossible. For these aspects of your life, you may be able to claim compensation in the form of loss of earnings and/or loss of amenity.

All employers have a duty of care to their staff and must adhere to health and safety procedures outlined by the Health and Safety Executive. If these requirements are not met and you suffer an injury as a result then you have a right to pursue a fracture at work claim.

If it can be proven that your employer, a contractor or even a work colleague was at fault for your injury then Jefferies Solicitors can help you begin a fracture at work claim. Please call us on 0800 342 3206 and we can tell you more about our no win, no fee service. Alternatively, you can get in touch online.

Other Accident At Work Claims Types

If you’ve been injured in another kind of workplace accident, we can help. Whether you’ve suffered an injury after a fall from a height, while working in a commercial kitchen or operating a forklift truck, you could be eligible for accident at work compensation. Do not hesitate to contact us for a confidential discussion about your circumstances and to assess your claim.