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Theme park injury claims or amusement park injuries claims can arise when a member of the public has been visiting or a member of staff has been injured while working there. If you have been injured while at work or while you have been enjoying a day out then you could be able to make a successful personal injury claim. Like all compensation claims, third party blame will need to be established in order for your claim to be valid and your accident will also need to have happened within the last three years.

Fixed sites like Alton Towers, Blackpool Pleasure Beach and Chessington Park are the types of theme parks that are subjected to strict health and safety regulations. Despite these rules, major and minor accidents can and do happen in these large and varied types of venue. Travelling fairs also have an additional risk factor attached to them as they are erected and dismantled on a frequent basis, which can cause a range of different risks to both workers and the public.

Injured While Working At A Funfair Or Theme Park

If you work on an amusement park then your employer should have made sure that you have had any necessary health and safety training; risk assessments to do with procedures and equipment should have been carried out and if required, any personal protective clothing and equipment should also have been provided. If there has been a failure on its behalf to perform any of these duties then your employer could be in breach of health and safety law and responsible for your accident.

All employers, including those who own and run theme parks, are governed by the Health And Safety At Work Act and they must do everything possible to protect employees as well as the public. Failure to do so can often cause very serious injuries.

Types Of Theme Park Accidents And Injuries

There are many different ways in which you can experience an accident at a theme park; mechanical failures of a ride you are on; electrical failures when a ride comes to a sudden halt; slipping on a pavement or driving over a pothole in the car park are just a few examples of accidents that can cause injuries. Below are some of the most common kinds of injury which can arise following one of these accidents:

  • Whiplash injuries can happen if you have been on a ride that has come to a sudden and unexpected stop. Rides like bucking broncos and the dodgems can cause a whiplash injury if they stop suddenly or thrust you back and forth in quick succession
  • If your accident has been severe then you could end up suffering from shock and even Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder in some cases (PTSD)
  • Cuts, bruises, lacerations and even broken bones can also result if you have fallen off a ride or slipped on the pavement.
  • In addition, head injuries may also happen. A head or brain injury can often be very severe and cause life changing injuries for victims. Families are often profoundly affected when a member of their family has suffered a serious head or brain injury
  • Food poisoning claims can take place following a trip to a theme park if the food you have consumed has been contaminated in some way
  • Burn injury claims can also be triggered if there has been a fire at a theme park

What Will My Theme Park Compensation Claim Include?

If your theme park accident has left you in a position where you cannot continue with your job or earn money then you could be able to claim for a loss of earnings, which may also include any future earnings you are likely to suffer because of your injury. If you have had to pay for any expenses in relation to your illness then you could also claim this money back too. Medical expenses such as physiotherapy and even travelling to and from medical appointments can also be claimed for. It is, therefore, advisable for you to keep hold of any receipts for payments made in relation to your injuries.

Claiming Compensation For Theme Park Accidents With Jefferies Solicitors

If you have experienced an accident at a fun fair or theme park then please get in touch with our no win no fee solicitors at Jefferies. We are expert no win no fee solicitors who can help you with any kind of theme park claim. Please get in touch with us today to find out how to begin the personal injury claims process. Call us on 0800 342 3206 or complete one of our online claim forms.

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