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    Gatwick Airport Accident Claims

    Whether you were just passing through or you are employed at the airport full time, if you were injured within its premises you may be able to claim compensation. Talk to us about Gatwick Airport accident claims, we are here to help you claim the compensation you deserve.

    At Jefferies Solicitors, we have helped injured individuals claim the compensation they are entitled to for more than 25 years. Our legal experts know exactly how difficult dealing with an injury can be, especially when it wasn’t your fault.

    Call our specialists on 0800 342 3206 or in contact us to arrange a no-obligation confidential conversation about your accident.

    Gatwick Airport accidents at work

    There is a large variety of job roles that someone might be employed as within an airport, such as:

    • Cabin crew
    • Baggage handler
    • Restaurant worker
    • Shop assistant
    • Airline representative
    • Security

    Your employer has a legal duty of care to provide you with a safe work environment no matter your job role. If health and safety standards are not met, your employer may be liable to pay you compensation due to this negligence. Jefferies Solicitors have legal experts on hand to help assess your case and work out how much compensation you should be owed.

    Baggage handler accident at Gatwick Airport

    One of the most common work accidents to occur in airports is lifting and manual handling accidents. Baggage handlers are most at risk of sustaining injury due to these movements being a large part of their job role.

    If you work as a baggage handler your employer should provide certain necessarily safety precautions:

    • Access to enough rest breaks and water.
    • Lack of repetitive tasks – the specific tasks of the job are swapped quite regularly between employees so that no one is repeating the same movements/a particularly demanding part of the job for too long which could lead to injury or strain.
    • Training to operate mechanical handling equipment which helps to lift luggage in and out of the hold.
    • Every staff member should receive proper training to be able to safely lift any items that they might need to lift for their job role.
    • Protective clothing – such as work boots, ear protection or hi-visibility clothing depending upon the specifics of your job role and your location within the airport.

    If these necessary safety precautions have not been carried out by your employer and this has resulted in an injury, you may be able to claim compensation.



    One of the most common injuries that occur generally is a slip, trip or fall injury. In an airport, a wet floor or dangerously placed piece of luggage could easily cause an accident. If another party was responsible for your injury, then you can claim compensation in response.


    Another common scenario in which an airport accident can occur is luggage falling off the carousel or trolley. You may also suffer an injury due to a collision with a luggage trolley. If you have suffered an injury due to any of these mentioned accidents, you may be eligible to claim compensation.


    Shuttlebuses and other types of transport can cause injury. Whether you were a passenger, driver or encountered one while walking around an airport, no matter what the scenario, you may be eligible to make a claim in response.

    Escalator and lift accidents

    If you are using a travellator or lift it is possible to sustain an injury, while this is fairly rare due to regular maintenance checks. However, if you are involved in this sort of accident, the resulting injuries are often quite serious. If you have been injured, please contact Jefferies Solicitors to assess your claim.


    If food has not been stored, prepared or cooked efficiently, food poisoning could occur. In cases of severe food poisoning, symptoms can last longer than the normal few days. If you have suffered food poisoning as a result of eating at an airport, you could claim compensation against the establishment that has made you ill.

    Restaurants should be able to provide ingredient and preparation information if asked, to ensure that a customer who has a certain allergy does not have an allergic reaction. Pre-packaged food should also display allergy information so that you are not at risk of accidentally eating something you are allergic to. If you suffer an allergic reaction due to food purchased at the airport, you may be able to claim compensation for this accident.

    If you have developed food poisoning or an allergic reaction, you should retain any receipts for your contaminated food purchase. In the event that you pursue a compensation claim, these will prove that you bought food from the airport. Also, you should seek medical attention as soon as possible if you have severe food poisoning or an allergic reaction.


    The amount of compensation you may be able to claim will depend on the nature and severity of your injury. Our compensation calculator will give you an indication of how much you might be entitled to.

    Any financial losses you have experienced because of your injury will also be taken into account. For example, if you have taken time off work or have had to pay for prescription costs or travel expenses, you may be able to recover these costs as part of your claim.

    Gatwick Airport Accident Claims Contact Jefferies Solicitors today

    Our experts at Jefferies Solicitors are well-experienced in dealing with a range of accident cases. We understand how traumatic sustaining an injury can be.  Consequently, we work hard to make sure the process of claiming compensation is as stress-free as possible for our clients.

    First, we will need some initial details about the specifics of the injuries you have received.

    Please contact us today on 0800 342 3206 or through our online form to get started. A member of our friendly and professional team will quickly be in touch to discuss your case confidentially.



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