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Ulnar Neuropathy Claims

Ulnar Neuropathy, sometimes known as Cubital Tunnel Syndrome (CTS), is a condition which affects the central nervous system. In some instances, is a long-term disorder that can cause considerable pain and distress to sufferers.

The ulnar nerve runs down the arm and is commonly located near to the area of the arm where the elbow is. When it is compressed or irritated, symptoms of the condition can occur.

How Is Ulnar Neuropathy Caused?

There are different ways of acquiring the condition including the performance of repetitive tasks that involve putting pressure on the elbow and lifting heavy objects. If you think you have Ulna Neuropathy, you could be experiencing pins and needles; tingling; weakness in your hands; clumsiness or a clawed hand.

How Your Workplace Situation May Lead To Ulnar Neuropathy Claims

If at work, you carry heavy objects or carry out repetitive actions, you could be more at risk of developing this condition. Your job may involve working on a production line, typing or another task which involves repetition of the arms.

All employers, whatever the nature of the industry, have a duty to employees to protect them from dangers in the workplace. There should be the correct provision of training, protective clothing and equipment and risk assessments should be undertaken and checks made to ensure machinery and workplace tools and equipment are safe to use. Adequate breaks should also be given.

If you are diagnosed with Ulnar Neuropathy by your GP and its cause has been determined as being the nature of the work you do, you could have a valid workplace personal injury claim.

Your condition may have resulted in you being unable to work for a long or short period of time and you may be eligible for compensation. The value of your claim will also consider the level of pain and suffering your condition has caused, as well as any medical expenses you have had to pay for.

Claiming Compensation Via Ulnar Neuropathy Claims

Jefferies’ no win, no fee solicitors are a team of personal injury lawyers who specialise in occupational illness claims. If you believe you have an Ulnar Neuropathy claim then please get in touch with one of our trained and experienced workplace personal injury lawyers. Call us on 0800 342 3206 or make an online enquiry if you would like more information and advice.