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Plane Injury Compensation

Travelling by plane is still the safest mode of mass transportation.

However, accidents do still happen. In 2018 there were 52 UK casualties caused by aviation accidents,

Plane injury compensation claims do not mainly result because of a catastrophic air accident. Unfortunately, such disasters do happen and potential claimants should contact us.

However, because air travel is so ingrained in the lives of so many people, a large proportion of claims come about due to accidents that could happen anywhere but occur onboard an aircraft.

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If you are injured on a flight because of the negligence of a member of the cabin crew, a passenger, or another individual, you may be entitled to plane injury compensation.

Common plane injury claims

  • Slips, falls or trips when alighting or exiting an aircraft
  • Food poisoning from meals served on board
  • Burns from food or hot drinks
  • Luggage falling from shelves
  • Luggage not being properly secured and falling.
  • Injuries from seats
  • Accidents from trolleys
  • In-flight turbulence
  • Food poisoning or allergic reaction to food onboard

Causes of plane crash claims

Although plane crashes are rare they do happen and there are common themes relating to the causes. People may be able to make successful personal injury claims if they have been seriously or partially injured through the fault of the airline.

Some of the causes of the injury may be as a result of the following:

  • Poor weather conditions, such as thunder and lightning
  • Engines failing
  • Fire
  • Turbulence and bad landings
  • Other flying objects hitting the plane- like birds
  • Poor communication between the pilot crew and air traffic controllers on the ground

The Montreal Convention

For plane injury claims relating to international flights, the Montreal Convention can be referred to. This convention is designed to help international aircraft passengers in the case of an accident of any kind occurring during, before or after a flight. It allows passengers to make claims in case they have suffered an injury through no fault of their own.

It outlines that if someone has been injured or died during a flight then a claim can be made against the country where the airline is based, is en route to or where the passenger lives. There is a capped compensation figure relating to claims made in conjunction with the Montreal Convention. A time limit of 2 years from the date of the accident also applies. Unlike most other personal injury claims it does not place a requirement on an injured person to prove where the fault lies.

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