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    Can You Claim For Falling Down Stairs?

    Have you suffered from a slip, trip or fall down a flight of stairs? If you have been injured after falling as a result of somebody else’s negligence, you may be able to make a claim for compensation. It is best to talk to us about your accident to establish if you may be able to make a claim. The accident should have taken place within the last 3 years.

    Any fall can cause multiple injuries from mild sprains and bruises to broken bones, fractures and head injuries which can have extensive and ongoing consequences to your health.

    To learn more and to discuss your potential claim in confidence, contact our team on 0800 342 3206. Alternatively, complete our online contact form.  

    Causes of accidents on stairs

    According to the HSE, steps and stairs are one of the highest risk areas for pedestrians. Some of the most common reasons that people will slip, trip or fall down a flight of stairs are:

    • Polished tiles
    • Carpets with wear and tear
    • Slippery wet steps
    • Ice and snow on outdoor steps
    • Objects left on the escalator or stairs

    It is vital that stairs must be constructed in accordance with UK standards. If this is not done properly it can lead to an accident. Examples of this include failing to fit a handrail and ignoring the regulations which stipulate the height and depth of the steps.

    Types of injuries involved in claims for falling down stairs

    Tripping over steps is often the primary cause of an injury, but sometimes a person may sustain a life-changing or fatal injury as a result of falling down a flight of stairs.

    Injuries relating to accidents on stairs:

    If you have suffered from any of these injuries and it was down to somebody else’s negligence you could be entitled to compensation. It is best to talk to us about what has happened to you, to find out if you may be able to claim compensation.


    Who is responsible?

    Who is responsible for your accident will depend upon where the stairs you fell down are located. If you fell in a rented home, your fall may have occurred as a result of negligence by a landlord. On the other hand, if you fell down stairs in a public place, such as a shop or restaurant, it is the owner of the establishment who is responsible if you have fallen as a result of negligence. If you have fallen down stairs at work, it could be your employer who is responsible.

    Proving liability for an accident of this type can have some complications and you’ll need to meet the following criteria in order to make a claim:

    • The accident must have been due to a breach of duty or be the fault of someone else
    • The accident must have taken place in the last three years
    • A medical professional will need to confirm the type and extent of your resulting injuries

    It is important to note that businesses are responsible to offer a duty of care to anyone within their premises but are not burdened by unrealistic expectations regarding safety. For example, a business that displayed a ‘wet floor’ sign immediately following a spillage may not be held liable if you had a slip following the erection of the sign. It could be judged that the company took every reasonable measure to reduce the hazard and minimise risk.

    How much compensation could I claim for falling down stairs?

    The amount of compensation you may be entitled to will depend upon the nature and severity of your injuries. The figures outline the compensation usually awarded for the most common injuries that occur following a fall down stairs.

    Type of injury

    Potential compensation

    Head or brain injury £1,760 – £322,060
    Neck injury £1,950 – £118,240
    Arm injury £1,000 – £43,710
    Back injury £1,950 – £128,320
    Knee injury £1,000 – £76,690
    Leg injury £7,270 – £108,370
    Facial fracture £1,680 – £36,310

    Claiming for other losses following a fall

    The compensation amounts in the table above are for your injury only. You may also be able to claim for financial losses you have experienced as a result of your injury. This might include loss of earnings if you have had to take time off work, travel expenses or prescription costs. Your solicitor will take these losses into account when calculating the value of your claim.

    Claiming compensation for falling down stairs

    We help people make successful claims for compensation. 

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    You should prioritise your health first and foremost. If you believe that the accident was a result of negligence or breach of care by a third party then you could be awarded compensation and you should contact us as soon as possible.

    Our expert team of no win, no fee solicitors have experience in a wide range of personal injury claims. We’ll walk you through the legal process every step of the way to ensure that it is a stress-free process that gets you the result you deserve.

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