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Car Accident Compensation

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If you are a passenger in a car or another type of motor vehicle, the driver has a duty of care to ensure your safety while you are inside the vehicle. If they fail to uphold this duty of care, you could be able to claim compensation against them for this wrongdoing. If you would like to claim passenger car accident compensation.

Similarly, if you were hit by another car while travelling as a passenger, you could be eligible to claim compensation against their insurance for this. You have a right to claim if you have been injured as a passenger in a car accident. To find out how much you could be eligible to claim, contact Jefferies Solicitors today.

Who Is My Claim Against?

In some car accident cases, there may be shared responsibility amongst both of the drivers involved, meaning that much of the legal proceedings is spent trying to understand who is at fault. However, if you are the passenger, you can never be at fault for the accident. While it is still important to establish who is at fault within a personal injury case, the liability will not be with you. If you have been injured in an accident that wasn’t your fault, you could claim passenger car accident compensation.

Instead, your case could be against:

  • The driver of the car you were a passenger in.
  • The driver of the other car.
  • Both drivers.
  • Another type of third party – such as a cyclist who is at fault or partially at fault for the incident occurring.
  • A local authority, such as the council, if the incident was caused by negligence in road upkeep – such as a failure to fix potholes or fallen down road signs.
  • The vehicle manufacturer – if your accident was caused by a malfunction with the mechanics of the vehicle, such as the breaks, your claim could be against the manufacturer.
  • A garage – if the car that caused the accident recently had worked done in a garage but the work was not performed to a satisfactory level, you could be eligible to claim compensation.

If you were the passenger, you may feel apprehensive about claiming against the driver of the car that you were in. They may be a member of your family or a close friend. However, you shouldn’t worry about feeling nervous in this situation. Any compensation claims that are made against the driver of the vehicle will be covered and undertaken by their insurance company rather than them directly. If you are unsure about any health and safety laws in regards to road traffic legislation, you can read the Health and Safety Executive’s helpful webpage on the topic.

Therefore, any compensation that is awarded will be covered by their insurance policy and their insurance provider must pay for these damages. Therefore, you should not worry about negatively impacting upon your friend or family member in this situation. It is your right to claim passenger car accident compensation if you have been injured in an accident that wasn’t your fault.

Taxi Compensation

If you have been injured while travelling in a taxi, you could still be eligible to claim compensation. All taxi drivers within the UK are required to have valid motor insurance and public liability insurance by law. Therefore, if you have been injured while travelling in a taxi, if the taxi driver is to blame for the incident you should be able to claim against their insurance.

To find out whether your claim is eligible and to find out how much passenger car accident compensation you could claim, contact Jefferies Solicitors today.

Passenger Car Accident Compensation

Compensation is determined based upon two categories: general damages and special damages. General damages refers to the pain and suffering your injuries have caused you. This will usually be determined by undergoing a medical which looks at the length of time the injuries will take to heal, as well as their severity. For example, if you have suffered a broken leg the compensation you are likely to receive will be higher than bruising on your leg as it is a more severe injury which also has a longer recovery time.

Special damages refers any financial damages that you might have suffered as a result of your injuries, such as a loss of earnings due to being unable to return to work. If you have had to pay for treatment or travel to treatment, compensation may also be able to cover this as well. You should keep any receipts or other documents which highlight costs related to your accident or injuries.

The amount of compensation that you will receive is therefore entirely dependent upon the specifics of your injuries and the financial impact of the accident. If you have suffered whiplash as a passenger, your compensation could be anywhere between £1,000 to £97,000 depending upon the severity of the damage and the longevity of the symptoms.

In contrast, if your arm was broken during a car accident, the compensation awarded could be between £5,280 – £47,720. The best way to determine how much compensation you are likely to receive is to speak to a personal injury solicitor directly who can assess your specific circumstances.

Our compensation calculator will give you an indication of how much you might be entitled to based upon your injuries. Jefferies Solicitors will take these different details relating to your injury into account when calculating how much compensation you should be awarded, which will then be put forward to the opposing side and the judge.

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