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Mercury Poisoning Claims

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Mercury poisoning claims begin when someone realises they are suffering because they have been exposed to a form of mercury poisoning.

The use of mercury expands across a broad spectrum of industrial sectors; in more familiar settings you might recognise mercury as the liquid metal contained within thermometers or the substance used for fillings in dentistry.

Origins of mercury poisoning claims

Certain industries are more at risk of having mercury poisoning claims brought against them because of the type of work carried out. These types of industries are likely to be dealing with the production of chlorine gas or sodium hydroxide. Common types of work place include:

  • Hat manufacturing
  • Metal recovery industry
  • Areas of mercury mining

Mercury produces toxic effects if you have a high enough dose of it. Sensory damage is the key symptom when someone has mercury poisoning and it can result in any one of the following types of mercury poisoning claims compensation:

  • Acrodynia claims
  • Hunter-Russell Syndrome claims
  • Minamata disease claims
  • Birth defect claims
  • Kidney and brain damage claims

Direct symptoms of a high exposure to mercury lead to dizziness and nausea, vomiting and diarrhoea.

Your employer’s responsibility preventing mercury poisoning

Employers need to make sure that all their staff are protected from any harm while working on their premises. The Control of Hazardous Substances is a part of Health and Safety law which states the specific needs of those companies who work with mercury and other dangerous chemicals and elements. If the company you work for has not adhered to parts of the law then you should seek advice on seeking compensation.

Beginning your mercury poisoning claim

If you believe that you have been suffering from the effects of mercury poisoning and have first of all visited your GP then it is time to talk to a specialist personal injury lawyer. One who deals in industrial diseases is probably the most effect in the case of mercury poisoning claims. There can be a high degree of suffering involved when you have had poisoning from a dangerous chemical which can result in high financial losses in terms of time off work and medical expenses.

At Jefferies Solicitors we have a high level of knowledge dealing with mercury poisoning claims. Our team are friendly and more than happy to help you get the full amount of compensation you deserve. Please contact us today on 0800 342 3206 or fill in our online claim form.


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