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How Much Compensation For Asbestos-related Diseases

When considering how much compensation for asbestos-related diseases note that there are 3 main serious types of illness related to asbestos. These are mesothelioma, lung cancer and asbestosis.

Each of these illnesses is slightly different. Mesothelioma has the quickest incidence of death following diagnosis, whereas lung cancer and asbestosis can persist for years but with death remaining a likely outcome.

In some cases of lung cancer and asbestosis, the degree of pain can be akin to mesothelioma in which case settlements can be increased.

Approximate Figures For Compensation For Asbestos-related Conditions

Below are some specific figures to give you a closer idea of how much compensation for asbestos-related diseases.

Severity of condition

Potential compensation

Less serious cases where there is no risk of developing mesothelioma or other related diseases£4,700 – £7,850
Pleural thickening that causes damage to the respiratory system that is 3-10% attributed to asbestos£10,750 – £27,450
Pleural thickening where 10% of the damage can be ascribed to asbestos, with progressive symptoms such as the inability to fully expand the lungs£27,450 – £56,000
Asbestosis that causes a restriction of oxygen intake within the lungs and reduced oxygen levels in the bloodstream.£34,300 – £75,600
Lung cancer with a longer period of suffering than that associated with mesothelioma£50,000 – £69,500
Mesothelioma with enduring severe symptoms that affect your quality of life.


Note: when calculating compensation, other factors are assessed including whether or not chemotherapy or radiotherapy has taken place, whether the condition is pleural or peritoneal and if any organ damage has occurred exacerbating or adding to existing symptoms. As with other illnesses the age and former quality of life previously enjoyed will be considered.

£50,000 – £90,000

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