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How Much Compensation For Bladder Injuries

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As an essential organ within the body, an injury to the bladder can cause serious side effects. Just how much compensation for bladder damage depends on the extent to which your bladder has been injured, either as a result of medical or clinical negligence or some other form of injury, accident or illness.

  • If you have suffered a complete loss of bladder function and control then settlement figures are usually around £100,500
  • If bladder control is deemed as being seriously impaired and there is some incontinence then a settlement bracket of £45,750 to £57,00 is to be expected
  • If you have experienced a bladder injury but have had a near-complete recovery with a prognosis of long-term impact on natural function and control then figures between £16,750 and £22,350 are typical.

How much for cancer-related bladder injuries?

In some instances, there have been compensation figures which have been greater than those given to bowel compensation claimants. This is because a lot of bladder injuries arise from situations and circumstances where there has been carcinogenic exposure.

For cancer cases, there exists a separate category for which compensation amounts can be more accurately measured. Even if you have had a return of natural bladder function, often these cases are at the higher end of the compensation bracket.

Settlement figures are also calculated taking into consideration life expectancy, the level of pain and suffering and how long that pain is likely to continue. More poignantly, the figure will also reflect the difficulty the injured person will experience in knowing there will be detrimental consequences for their loved ones following their death.

If you are middle-aged and your life expectancy is reduced by 15 to 20 years then your settlement fee is likely to be £38,000 to £56,000.

Making your bladder injury claim with Jefferies Solicitors

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