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How Much Compensation For A Broken Elbow

The majority of us use our elbows in most everyday tasks without even thinking about it. We drive, comb our hair, type on a keyboard and cook food using this integral part of our body. It is, therefore, easy to see just how many accidents can occur involving your elbow. If you are wondering: how much compensation for a broken elbow, the information below will give you an indication of the amounts you are likely to receive.

The level of pain involved and the extent of any long-term impairment will impact how much compensation for a broken elbow you are likely to receive.

Claim amounts, however, can be broadly estimated as follows:

Level of elbow injury

Potential compensation

Elbow injury resolving within a year up to £2,810
Elbow injury with the majority of symptoms resolving within 18-24 months £5,000
Broken elbow injury with recovery longer than 3 years up to £10,040
Elbow injury causing impairment of function but involving major surgery or significant disability £12,480 – £25,510
A severely disabling elbow injury £31,220 – £43,710

This broad range of compensation reflects the different levels of severity of a broken elbow.

Financial losses as a result of a broken elbow

If your broken elbow injury was the fault of a third party, you may be able to claim compensation. Sometimes, broken elbow injuries can result in an individual being unable to work, sometimes for weeks or even months. If you have taken time off work because of your injury, this will be considered by your solicitor. Consequently, this will affect how much broken elbow compensation you could ultimately receive.

A broken elbow in the workplace of public property

If you have experienced a broken elbow in an accident at work, you could be eligible to begin a compensation claim. An employer has a duty of care to look after its employees. If health and safety standards have not been met, your employer could be found negligent. They would, therefore, be liable to pay compensation if you have suffered an injury while on their premises.

Begin your broken elbow compensation claim with Jefferies Solicitors

Slipping or tripping accidents which result in a broken elbow are a common occurrence in both the working environment and public places. If you would like to know in more detail how much compensation for a broken elbow, please contact our specialist team.

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