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How Much Compensation For A Broken Jaw Claim

If you would like to know how much compensation for a broken jaw then it is worthwhile contacting a personal injury lawyer to find out how much you could receive for your own individual case. Broken jaw injuries differ so it is difficult to pinpoint a set figure for an injury which has a varying range of effects.

If you are asking the question, how much compensation for a broken jaw in general terms, then you can expect to receive anything from £5,150 to £36,310 depending on the severity of the injury and any long terms consequences as a result in order to recover compensation you will have to show that the injury happened as a result of the negligence third party.

Different types of broken jaw injuries

Your broken jaw injury may have occurred as a result of fault on the part of your dentist or a medical professional. This is known as dental or clinical negligence and that person or organisation will be liable to pay your compensation if you can show they were at fault.

Alternatively, you may have been attacked by someone who has caused your broken jaw. In this situation, it is sometimes possible to make your claim via the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority. In either case, Jefferies Solicitors will be able to help and advise you and give you an indication of how much compensation for a broken jaw.

Your injury could be multiple fractures in both parts of your jaw meaning that you cannot move your mouth to eat or speak and you may have a significant amount of pain. Severe injuries with long-term consequences can result in compensation towards the higher end of the scale. Some minor jaw fractures can lead to ongoing pain and discomfort. The level of the pain and suffering you encounter will dictate the amount of compensation you ultimately receive.

Expenses paid for your broken jaw claim

If you have paid out expenses for medical treatment in relation to your broken jaw then you should be able to claim these back if your case has been successful. To help recover expenses keep records and receipts of money you have paid in relation to your broken jaw. In addition, retain travel receipts you have paid for in relation to your accident or injury. You should be reimbursed for this also.

Jefferies Solicitors offers a *no win no fee policy for its compensation claims. If you have additional questions about your case as well as how much compensation for a broken jaw then please contact our personal injury specialists. Our friendly and helpful staff will be pleased to discuss your case in more detail.

Make A Personal Injury Claim

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