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How Much Compensation For A Car Accident

How much compensation for a car accident is dependent on the level of pain, suffering and loss that an individual may have encountered. Each of these elements has its own scale of severity which dictates the amount of compensation you will receive.

As experienced and respected car accident claim experts, Jefferies Solicitors know that any part of the body can be injured in a car accident, with each injury resulting in a differing amount of compensation. Some victims may end up with stitches to the head while others might be partially paralysed. However, the most common types of injuries sustained in car accidents include:

Amounts of compensation for injuries

To begin with, how much compensation you could receive for a car accident will be determined by reference to previous cases where judges have awarded compensation. Below is a guide to the amount of compensation you could expect to receive for injuries following a car accident:

  • Neck injury compensation ranges from a few hundred pounds for a minor injury lasting for a matter of days, up to £118,240 for the most severe neck injury.
  • Compensation awards for minor neck or whiplash-type neck injuries lasting up to a year can vary from £1,950 up to £3,470.
  • Quadriplegia claims normally range from £258,740 to £322,060
  • Paraplegia claims can range from £174,620 to £226,610
  • Pelvis and hip damage claims range from around £3,150 for lesser injuries but can go up to £104,370 for very severe injuries.

Please note: these figures reflect general damages only (compensation awarded for the injury itself) and do not take into account any loss of earning or out-of-pocket expenses you may experience because of your injury.

Types of special damages for a car accident claim

In addition to compensation for the injury, you could claim for any expenses incurred as a result of your accident. This is known as the special damages part of the claim, in contrast to general damages which is the compensation for the injury itself.

Special damages often form the bulk of a compensation award. This is especially true if an injury prevents an individual from working for a significant period of time, as you can claim for loss of earnings. Below are some examples of special damages which sometimes form part of car accident claims:

  • Loss of earnings
  • Medical expenses such as private healthcare
  • Medical equipment required such as a neck brace
  • The cost of any medication you have had to pay for
  • Travel costs to medical appointments
  • The cost of repairs to your car, for instance, the cost of hire car if your own car is off the road.

Accidents can affect people in different ways. It’s extremely difficult to put a price on the emotional cost of an accident. However, at Jefferies Solicitors, we have years of experience helping victims of car accidents claim the compensation they deserve. Our expert team will draw on their knowledge to advise you on the levels of compensation you should receive. Please contact us on 0800 342 3206 or complete our claim form online.

Make A Personal Injury Claim

If you have suffered as a result of an accident that wasn’t your fault, you could be entitled to make a personal injury claim for compensation.

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