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How Much Compensation For Facial Disfigurement Or Scarring

The underlying reasons for facial disfigurement suffered will be considered when weighing up a compensation amount. This includes examining the extent of the injury and treatment required; whether or not there is facial scarring; the age of the victim and what kind of social and psychological impact has arisen.

Below are settlement amounts relating to each gender but it is worth noting that these figures overlap, making the issue of gender less of a factor when deciding a compensation amount. Rather, the emphasis is on the level of impact the disfigurement has had.

What accidents cause scarring?

A personal injury compensation claim involving scarring or disfigurement can occur in any manner of circumstances including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Car accidents
  • Burn injuries
  • Injury following medical negligence
  • Industrial accidents
  • Slips, trips or falls

Compensation Amounts For Facial Disfigurement


Level of scarring or facial disfigurement

Potential compensation

Severe cases of facial disfigurement where there has been extreme physical mutilation paired with extreme psychological impact (women up to their early 30s) £23,740 – £77,580
Substantial but less severe scarring £14,320 – £38,600
Significant scarring but improved by cosmetic surgery £7,270 – £23,980
One scar or cases where the overall impact of several scars is low £3,150 – £10,960
Trivial (minor) scarring £1,360 – £2,810



Level of scarring or facial disfigurement

Potential compensation

Severe and permanent scarring for males under the age of 30 Approx £21,250
Considerable disfigurement that has not been reduced by plastic surgery coupled with psychological issues £12,850 – £21,500
Significant scarring (disfigurement which is noticeable from a ‘conversational’ distance) £6,500 – £12,850


Scarring that is not noticeable unless there is deliberate inspection £2,800 – £6,500
Minor scarring or disfigurement £1,225 – £2,500

Living with scarring

There are support groups and organisations that provide help and advice for people living with scarring.

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