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How Much Compensation For Hand Injuries

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The hands are considered to be important in terms of function and appearance. If you are wondering how much compensation for hand injuries then the answer is that this depends on the individual circumstances, but it is at the higher end of the compensation scale in many cases.

Bear in mind that factors such as whether or not your dominant hand has been affected, the overall level of pain and suffering experienced and how personal amenity has been limited are all considered before a compensation amount is decided.

  • For those who have suffered a complete loss of function of both hands then £100,500 up to £144,000 is expected. Those who are unable to have a suitable prosthetic added will be in receipt of the higher end of this bracket
  • £39,150 up to £60,400 is often agreed for those with permanent cosmetic disability and serious loss of function in the hands
  • If you have either lost a hand or lost the use of one hand then fee brackets are between £68,750 and £78,300. If this was your dominant hand then fees at the upper end of the scale are to be expected
  • If any of your fingers have been amputated then this will obviously affect the use of your hand. If your middle/index or ring fingers have been amputated then compensation figures are normally £44,200 up to £64,800
  • In cases where there has been approximately 50% reduction in the volume of the hand £20,750 to £44,200 is normally agreed. These cases may include individuals who have had fingers amputated and sewn back on, therefore having a negative cosmetic effect. Loss of grip will also be considered here
  • Crushing accidents that have caused some degree of function loss and your injury is deemed ‘less serious’, between £10,350 and £20,750 is typically awarded.
  • For minor hand injuries that see a full recovery within a few months, you can expect to receive from £650 up to £31,000

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