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How Much Compensation For A Hand Injury

To work out how much compensation for a hand injury you should contact a personal injury lawyer who will be able to assess the degree of injury you have suffered by reference to medical reports obtained on your injury. Because hands are so readily used by us to cushion a fall or to carry out a job we are doing, they are often injured.

Compensation amounts for a hand injury

These sums are for injury only and do not include sums you may be able to claim for loss of earnings or care necessary as a result of an accident. These other items can be claimed in addition to the sums set out below.

  • For minor hand injuries, fractures, amputation of fingers or thumb then compensation amounts begin at £730. The upper end of this scale has seen victims claim up to £43,410
  • The total or effective loss of both hands has seen victims receive between £112,100 and £160,600
  • If your injury is classed as serious damage to both hands, you will be looking at figures from £44,550 to £67,410
  • If you lose the use of one hand then your compensation be in the region of £76,650 to £87,410

Long-term implications will also be taken into account when calculating how much compensation for a hand injury. Many hand injuries occur in the workplace to people who use machinery or tools in their everyday job. If you suffer a serious hand injury through no fault of your own and you are unable to continue in the job you have trained for then the level of compensation rises. This is because you will have suffered a loss of income as well as the inability to find work of a similar kind in the future.

If you would like to know how much compensation for a hand injury following a road traffic accident then again you will need to consider the extent of any short and long-term damage. Road traffic accidents resulting in hand injuries are common whether you are a driver, passenger, pedestrian, cyclist or motorcyclist. Using our hands as a natural defence mechanism is natural in many accident scenarios and therefore the likelihood of an injury to the hand is high.

Hands are also considered to be of cosmetic importance and any scarring will also be taken into account as well as any financial losses.

We can help you with your hand injury claim

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