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    How Much Compensation For a Head Injury

    Damage to any part of the head will have a different effect on the quality of life of a sufferer. For example, if you have a detached retina as a result of a blow to the head then this will have a greater impact on your day-to-day life and have a different level of compensation than if you have endured stitches because of a blow to the head. If the brain has been affected then you are likely to receive much more as the negative influence on your life is usually greater.

    Please note that the amounts detailed below should be taken as guidance only. The figures shown are approximate, based on experience and previous settlement amounts attributed to an individual’s pain and suffering. Final settlement awards may be worth more or less than the stated amount, depending on injury and individual personal circumstances.

    Type of head injury

    Potential compensation

    Eye injury £1,760 – £6,960
    Loss of sight in one eye £39,270 – £43,710
    Psychological conditions following a head injury Up to £66,000
    Damage to teeth, cheekbones, the jaw, hair and facial scarring £1,000 – £77,580

    Brain injury compensation

    Brain injuries range from minor to severe. Below is an approximation of what you will receive in each case.

    Level of brain or head injury

    Potential compensation

    Minor head injuries £1,880 – £10,890
    Minor brain injuries £13,070 – £36,740
    Moderate brain injuries £36,740 – £186,890
    Moderate to severe brain injuries £186,890 – £240,590
    Severe brain injuries £240,590 – £344,640

    Factors considered in a head injury compensation claim

    If a person is unable to continue work then financial losses will be awarded. Special damages may also be granted if a victim has suffered a brain injury, taking into account any particular adaptations to a home, specialist care, or equipment needed as a direct result of the injury.

    Under normal circumstances the following aspects are considered in a head injury compensation claim:

    • The life expectancy of the injured party
    • The level of dependency on others
    • The presence of epilepsy and the likelihood of it developing in the future
    • The extent of physical limitations
    • The level of communication possible

    Next steps

    It may not be your first reaction to contact a personal injury lawyer straight after a head injury. You might not think it is a major enough injury to seek compensation for or you may have experienced a lot of stress as a result of an accident. Either way, please contact one of our specialist head injury claims lawyers who will be able to give you straightforward advice on whether or not you are likely to receive compensation and what amount you will be looking to pursue.

    Our team are members of Headway (the Brain Injury Association), and also the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL).

    To learn more and to discuss your potential claim in confidence, contact our team on 0800 342 3206. Alternatively, complete our online contact form to arrange an initial no-obligation telephone consultation with a member of our expert team. 


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