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How Much Compensation For Loss of Arm

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Losing a limb or limbs is certain to have an impact on your life and perhaps those around you. How much compensation for the loss of an arm depends on a number of factors.

The below guide will give you an indication of what you can expect in your own situation if you have lost an arm or arms.

If there has been an amputation-type injury then settlement fees will be driven by whether or not a joint has been lost; if the lost arm was on the dominant side of the body; what kind of impact this loss has had on your ability to carry on with your current job; how well a prosthetic arm is able to be fitted and function; your age and if there are any phantom pains present.

  • If both arms are lost then you can expect to receive from £172,00 up to £214,250. The main influencing factor on the amount is the extent to which an able-bodied person has been reduced to a person with a severe disability
  • If someone has lost one arm that has been amputated at the shoulder then figures are upwards of £98,000
  • If one arm has been amputated above the elbow between £78,300 and £93,500 is the usual compensation bracket. This considers the fact that the shorter the length of the remaining limb, the more difficulties there can be in fitting prosthetics. If the amputation is through the elbow then figures are closer to £78,300 within this bracket
  • £68,750 up to £78,300 are the likely fee parameters you will be looking at if your arm amputation has occurred through the forearm and you have suffered from phantom pains

Claiming your arm amputation personal injury claim compensation with Jefferies Solicitors

How much compensation for the loss of an arm or arms that have been amputated is something that can be answered in more detail once the specifics of your case have been discussed. For more information please call Jefferies Solicitors on 0800 342 3206 or complete our online injury claim form.

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