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How Much Compensation For Loss Of Male Reproductive Organs?

There are many different kinds of ways in which the reproductive organs of a male can be damaged. Some may be because of an accident and some may be due to an illness, disease or a surgical mistake.

Others may also mean victims end up with scarring or psychological damage. In all cases, these factors are taken into consideration when weighing up how much compensation may be achieved for loss of male reproductive organs.

Level of injury

Potential compensation

Total loss of male reproductive organs In excess of £122,640
Cases of orchidectomy with some psychological consequences but without loss of sexual function or impotence £16,000 – £18,000
A young man who has become impotent and sterile coupled with a loss of sexual function.

The exact figure will depend on the age of the person and what emotional and psychological effect the injury has had on them.

In the region of £118,240


Impotence that is likely permanent, in the case of a middle-aged man with children. £34,280 – £62,490
Sterility of the most serious kind £112,100
Sterility in a much older man £14,960
A young man with no children who has become sterile and impotent £44,710 – £56,870
A similar case but involving a family man who might have intended to have more children £18,880 – £24,950
Less serious cases In the region of £5,280

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