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How Much Compensation For Loss of Taste And Smell

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Loss of taste and smell has a huge impact on the quality and enjoyment of life. It may not be one of the most common kinds of personal injury claims but some people are affected and it is, therefore, worth examining how much compensation for loss of taste and smell there may be to put you in the picture.

Severe brain injuries affecting the nasal passages are one of the main reasons you may have lost these senses. Minor head injuries can also be a cause and in these circumstances, a full recovery is more likely. Infections within the mouth leading to nerve damage is another cause as is exposure to harmful and poisonous chemicals, often in a working environment.

Compensation amounts for loss of taste and smell

Please use the below as a guide to give you an indication of how much compensation for loss of taste and smell:

  • If you have complete loss of taste (Ageusia) and total loss of smell (Anosmia) then your claim will be in the region of £28,000
  • If you have experienced total loss of smell with a substantial amount of taste loss, £23,500 – £28,000 are the kinds of fees you can anticipate
  • In cases where loss of smell is considered separately, compensation brackets are between £17,850 and £23,500
  • Loss of taste is around £13,700 to £17,850 when examined on its own

Helping you with your loss of taste and smell compensation claim

Taste and smell are two senses which are inextricably linked. If a sense of smell is lost then it means some degree of loss in taste in will exist. The condition means that you will be unable to detect flavours and at worst it can be life-threatening. If you cannot warning signs of toxic or poisonous fumes then this is an obvious danger.

Jefferies Solicitors has worked with many clients to claim personal injury compensation over the years. We have an understanding team of personal injury lawyers who appreciate the differing circumstances which bring about a condition. Our expert solicitors will be able to assess the validity of your claim and give you an estimate of the size settlement you could expect to receive for your loss of taste and smell.

If you are considering making a claim then please contact us for more details on how much compensation for loss of taste and smell. Call us on 0800 342 3206 or get in touch online.

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